A good IP with a good development team can always produce a "sleeper" hit that no one expected. Over the past few years, gamers have been inundated with a constant stream of rehashes, reboots and second takes on classic franchises. We've seen Batman, Superman, Spider-man and numerous other heroes get the HD treatment. The result of some of these reboots has been less than satisfactory. Others have been deserving of the highest praise.

But for me, the one character I miss has been missing in action since the days of the Sega Genesis. Who is It? Why, none other than the legendary Dick Tracy.


If you are like me, then the style in which a character is presented means everything to you. The things that will make you love, and get attached to a character can be oh so subtle, and yet so profound for the individual.

For me, Dick Tracy harkens back to a time when comic books were the closest you could get to finding a portal to another world. The 1920's was such a stylized and deliberately grand era. That really dawned on me this past weekend as I saw the previews for the upcoming remake of "The Great Gatsby". Some of my very favorite characters were born from that very era. Tin Tin, Buck Rogers, the Phantom, and many others, the 20's was like a virtual goldmine of creativity.

Even in film, the 20's through the 30's stand out as being a time filled with incredible imagination and vision. Consider Frtiz Lang's Metropolis which looks nearly as modern as the very first Star Wars which was shot some 40-50 years later.

Anyways, not to beat a dead horse, but I personally always loved the Dick Tracy Comics. The art style, along with Tracy's very cool (for the time) radio watch, the unique and compelling characters. The constant plot twists. Dick Tracy was perfect in that it had a touch of the feel of classic noir film, and yet it had the light humor and hope that could be found in so many comics from the Golden Era of comics.

Dick Tracy had some of the most interesting characters to ever appear in print.


The art syle for Dick Tracy was great on it's own. But once the comic series begin to appear in color, it got even better. Part of the fun of Dick Tray's world is how colorful it was in the midst of a very dark world. Half of the fun of the comics was just looking at them. The story, the action, and everything else were just the icing on the cake.

Even now, after roughly 80 years, Metropolis continues to influence creative minds.


With cel shading and animation being as good as it is now, a character like Dick Tracy could really shine and be something special. It's clear that there is a renewed appetite for classic noir, "Sam Spade" style stories. Rockstar gave us L.A. Noire. Now in film we have Gangster Squad for 2013. Clearly, the 1920's/30's are back in a big way. I would love to see Tracy get the HD treatment on PS3 or even possibly PS4. What do you think?