After two and a half days of leaving the computer on, Guild Wars 2 was finally playable. My first tastes of the game were, as I thought they would be, weird and full of women wearing hardly any clothing.

The two character types I played were a Sylvari ranger and a Human necromancer. Both of the starting areas and combat actions were fun things to be a part of. I preferred the necromancer over the ranger because the ranger felt like everything else I had ever played. The necromancer gave me a new experience that I was not used to having when I liked to play RPGs.

The first thing I was very excited about when I started the game was the character customization. It was very realistic, yet cartoon-ish enough to make me feel like I was in a fantasy world. There were so many different ways to make the characters look and so many colors to choose from. I could have chosen to be the darkest Sylvari possible or I could have made my Human extremely white. It was very cool and much more interesting than the World of Warcraft customize which is very limited.

The AI in the game were nothing special until one ran up to me to ask for help. I like that NPCs don't all just stand around for decoration. They walk, they ask you to do quests, they cower in fear, etc. I felt curious in that I wanted to talk to each of the NPCs and see what kind of experience would be available to me. The only problem with this is not knowing who to talk to because you have talked to so many different people.

The camera angles of the game were absolutely atrocious. They were too sensitive and would not move in the direction I wanted them to. At some point, I decided to just leave it as it was and not tough it again. This has worked for me so far.

The personal story is interesting and I have not gotten very far with this. I have not found this to be very intriguing even though it is supposed to be a large part of the game. I'm hoping in the future it won't be as boring as it is appearing to be now.

A big problem I have is with the daily and world quests that keep showing up whenever I am exploring. This would not be a problem if there weren't a bunch of things I wanted to do. For example, I was going to discover all of the waypoints so it wouldn't be a problem to take myself to different areas of the map later, but the daily and world quests kept popping up. They really kept distracting me from the things I wanted to do and it became tiresome.

After getting to at least level three on each character, I find myself leaving after only an hour of play. Again, I am hoping the game will pick up and get me more involved like I had been with World of Warcraft.

Well, that's all for today. Tomorrow, I will continue with the game as well as prepare myself for the upcoming Dead Space sequel.