I'm back from a semi-holiday and frankly I want to thank all my readers and assure them that a multitude of good blogs are on the way.

But, with the holiday seasons now firmly behind us and all our free time now occupied by everyday tasks such as work and school, many of us can't help but pine for the days of yore. You know, when Skyrim was new and the open world adventure was our oyster?

Well, now that the bugs are being addressed (not necessarily fixed, but let's not dwell on that), it's time to look forward. With many of my friends starting over on their second or third time through, perhaps now is the best time to discuss where we should go and why. Sure, there's still plenty to do and much fun to be had with Skyrim as is, DLC and future direction is needed.

Here's what I suggest.

No. 5 Items and Guild Additions

Well, if you read my earlier Skyrim blog way back when, you know I didn't overly enjoy most of the guild missions in Skyrim. The Companions quests were pretty good, but *** they were short. The Thieves guild missions were way too long and convoluted, with two different missions structures to the actual guild. The Mages' College had some charm similar to the Companions, but all the mages were dicks and frankly, nothing was really accomplished. The Dark Brotherhood was the most interesting and had the proper length but even it suffered from predictability, unlikeable NPCs, bad radiant quests, and lack luster rewards. So why not add on with some missions or streamline the process with some DLC? Have some interactions between the guilds and factions. Perhaps you have to recruit some new members. Maybe challenges between them for resources and influence? What if they want to branch out to other towns and regions ... or beyond....

Now, lets talk about items. I think we can all agree that many items have never looked quite as good as they have in The Elder Scrolls V. Many of the armors look absolutely great like the ebony and daedric sets, and the iron and steel have a very nordic aesthetic to them (glass armor was still the best in Morrowind). Still, some of the weapons are underwhelming such as the ebony blades. Pretty much all the war hammers look small and lackluster by comparison to the great swords and axes. Last but not least, the daedric weapons needed a little more polish as the one handed swords and axes look almost identical to their two handed counterparts. New armor recipes (or even the same recipes just different visual styles and models) would really be cool. I'd like to stand out from my friends who have the same armor and set up. (Also, this is my personal opinion, but I hate the way the light dragon armor looks)

Some items bugs still exist. I can't equip a mask on my Dark Brotherhood armor set because I'm a guy. Weapons really need sheaths. Some enchanted items can't be broken down and some enchants can't be applied to certain items (for example, "jesters hat") Etc.

And possible horse armor would be ok.

No. 4 Dragons, Dragons!, DRAGONS!!

Assuming you've completed the main story missions by now (and it's so short it's hard not to), you know that Aludin has been defeated. Sure, dragons are still out there, but now there's a vacuum of power.

I know it will probably never officially happen (modders, this magnificent request goes out to you) but what if a DLC mission came out... and you had to either decide to either lead, destroy, or negotiate with all the elder dragons left in the world. Aludin's lieutenants may have scattered, but I doubt they will simply let go their grudges and goals. Perhaps a mission to take control of the remaining dragons would be in order? What about your dragon allies (both of them)? The possibilities are near endless. It would also be the perfect opportunity to introduce new shouts that may have not made the cut or perhaps needed a few extra tweeks.

And there's so many cool titles you could come up with. "Sky break", "Sky fall", "Crack the Sky" "Dragon Slayer" "Fire and Shadow" "Flight of the Wyrms" (if any of these make it to production I either want in on the profits or free games and DLC for life)

No. 3 Daedra and Aedra

In a surprising turn of events, the Daedra Princes which played an important role in The Elder Scrolls IV were largely absent. Sure, they had miscellaneous quests and little cameo appearances, but really we haven't seen them in fullness. Now, I'm actually kind of glad they did this because it helps keep focus on the events and characters in Skyrim as well as the dragons that should be in the spot light. But! If you've already finished, chances are you're hungering for more and the daedra (if done well) could be exactly what we need. I'm sure Mehrunes Dagon is still pissed about losing the Oblivion War. Azura probably still has something to do with the dark elves or even *gasp* the Nerevarine!

But you know what would be even cooler than that? The Aedra. What if the nine divines started pulling some strings now that pretty much all of Tamriel is in discord. Talos is probably pissed that his line and empire he spent so much time and effort building up has completely fallen apart. And his remembrance and worship is banned? I can't think of any thing else that might require the wrath of a god. Imagine just for a second: You (dovakiin) are a sleeping peacefully. Suddenly, your body erupts in light and you ascend into the realm of the gods. Talos is very displeased and he orders that you set some things right. Start a new line to rule? Reforge his empire and bring peace (forcibly if need be?) to the land? I can see how this would be difficult if the player decided to play a high or wood elf (this is troublesome anyways, if you an elf anyways as you're essentially against other elves as the dragonborn), but maybe the Dominion decides the time to strike is now! You can go so many ways. Which rolls right over into my next idea.

No. 2 The Great War (Peace Shattered)

[I can't really find a huge war image from Skyrim.... use your imagination]

Did you save the Empire and kill Ulfric? Perhaps you held a grudge for the Empire trying to kill you and sided with the Stormcloaks? Either way, the next DLC would have the Aldmeri Dominion acting in response to the Civil War in Skyrim. Perhaps they think it's ripe for the taking with the Empire in unrest, or maybe they're outraged that Skyrim is governed by the Nords who reject their laws and restrictions. Whatever the case, the "White Gold Concordant" is off and it's no holds barred. Skyrim is now the battlefield that will decide if the elves will being their march towards complete domination or if the non-elven people can band together to force them back into their lands.

Think of it, the Redguards would side with the Nords and Bretons. The Kadjit will join the Wood and High Elves. You can determine if the Imperials would side with you in hopes of fighting back, remain neutral, or actually join with the Dominion to retake Skyrim. The Dark Elves might go either way with influence from the player or just play Switzerland. Who knows? That's up to developers, but the idea is there. It's time to decide who will come out on top. Maybe you're tired of all those stuffy High Elves and their rules or maybe you have more faith in them than the other races. Are you and elf? Be the deciding factor for your race and your new empire. Skyrim is a vast open country... prime for a true war! OR!!! What if the combat spills over into other provinces of Tamriel....

No 1. Skyrim Isn't The Limit (The World Is Our Oyster Once More!)

All the above ideas are good. I mean, they could be done. But, as many modders and curious players have found, *** near the whole continent of Tamriel is programmed in the game. It may be empty, it may be lacking in quests and buildings for now.... but that could all change so easily. Sure, it would be a HUGE amount of data. But, if I know anything, gamers would be willing to shill out the cash for such an ambitious and inspiring amount to do, and if they don't own a hard drive I'm sure they would be willing to buy a disc to pop in and out as the need arises.

It would be the most ambitious post-launch addition to any console game in history! It would make expansions like Cataclysm from World of Warcraft look like adding a pine tree air freshener to a car, in terms of scale. New models and items could be rolled in tastefully. All the previously mentioned ideas could be implemented easily in tow.

Many gamers (myself included) never played the first two Elder Scrolls games. I want to see these new provinces and all they have to offer like I want win the lottery... which is to say BADLY! So much could be done, gradually if need be. I would put up with bugs, issues, and small disappointments for the opportunity to step foot in Morrowind or Elsweyr as my character. Could I join or reform the guilds in other areas? Can I fight the Dark Brotherhood with the backing of the Morag Tong? Can I sway the people and fight dragons in other places? Can fill in all the corners of the map? I would if i could! And that's what this potentially unlocks...

The End

Well, that's my list. And it's all my opinion, so if you agree with me, disagree with me, or have any other ideas that you would like to be known, feel free to state it in the comments. I'm thinking about sending this in to Bethesda, probably as a moot and hopeless gesture, but that's my specialty!

Thanks for reading everyone.

Fus Ro Dah!