ALRIGHT! THIS IS IT! I'm not making any more Zelda blogs after this! My inbox is flooded with Majora's Mask perspectives or questions about the list or something. We'll I'm not going to answer any of those. Instead I'm going to do what I think may be the most important concern among fans: an actual, workable timeline. With the funny videos and still heated debate, I was lost for years if the many incarnations of Link are interconnected or not. Simple answer is yes, the complicated answer is "some are, some aren't." An even better answer is "it's just a game series man... enjoy it." But I'm gonna try to put all this to rest.

Note that anything in () is either opinion, speculation, or just a sidenote. This also excludes the CD-i games as they are so perfect, so utterly unbelievable and great, they are above any timeline known to man.

I've collaborated with fellow Zelda fan and GameInformer contributor Feircy Deity, and I've tried to make "MY" (please note the use of words as its what I believe and can still be argued and such) timeline theory as simple and understandable as possible.

I Believe that Ocarina of Time is the beginning. (Note I'm not mentioning Skyward Sword as it isn't out yet and anything is just speculation.) Eji Aonuma said that Minish Cap is the first, but developers are always contradicting themselves, so just bear with me for a moment. Now, taking that into account the timeline goes as thus.


         (Adult timeline):Wind Waker>Phantom Hourglass>Spirit Tracks>Minish Cap> Four Swords>Original LoZ>LoZ II

         (Child timeline):Majora's Mask>Twilight Princess, A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening, Oracles of Ages/Seasons


Now, why do I hold this theory? A key item: The Master Sword. Honestly, I believe to include the Legend of Zelda and Adventure's of Link in a timeline based on the Master Sword theory is flawed because when the games came out they were already pushing the limits of what they could do on a limited console and budget. As they got more detailed, more money, and more elaborate, key story events and elements could be added in. Simply saying, they were throwing something against a wall to see what stuck, and when their franchise became established, then Nintendo started making things alot more detailed. But I digress.

But let's start from the beginning. Some people may not understand why there are two timelines. (some people belive in one continuous timeline. That's okay too.) At the end of Ocarina of Time, Zelda sends Link back to relive his childhood (stupid girl). This means that there are now two universes, similar but different.

In one, Hyrule is totally F***ed. Ganon rose to power, got the trifoce, destroyed Hyrule, and fought Link and got sealed away in the Golden Realm (that's the place the triforce stays/mirror world of Hyrule). Zelda, the sages, and the people left rebuild after Ganon was defeated by The Hero of Time (adult Link) but Link is gone. Not there anymore. Where did he go? To the second universe!

In this second Hyrule universe, Link warns the Sages and Zelda about Ganon's intent. They never open the door to the golden realm, he still bears the triforce mark, but doesn't destroy the place, he's imprisoned, and we roll right over into Majora's Mask. Follow me so far? Continue on to the next page.