Well, like everyone else in the gaming world that has a  working PC I've pretty much given up my life to play the latest expansion to the nigh unstoppable World of Warcraft. That's right, I'm neck deep in Cataclysm and grinding until my eyeballs are bleeding once more. But something has happened. I'm not enjoying myself some of the time, nor or many of my guild mates. This game has more issues and problems than a hooker in Salt Lake City. (look it up if you don't get it)

What's the problem? Horde and Alliance questing in the same zones (now rendered much smaller thanks to flying everywhere), the cramped and competition heavy quests which everyone is fighting for, and the dominant faction on a server steam rolling the other, glitches, bugs, and errors abound in this game to the point that it doesn't even feel like a Blizzard title, but more like an Obsidian or Bethesda production.

The first major issue really is the questing. With everyone now rushing to get to the new level cap, everyone is hitting their respective zones hard. Remember WorLK or BC? Yeah its like that... no it isn't, IT'S WORSE. Now instead of just dealing with your faction, you have the opposing faction preforming the exact same quests with the exact same mobs to kill, items to gather, and places to occupy. Take a zone half as big as a major city, put 300 people from the horde and the alliance, and then watch the mayhem occur. Even menial jobs and tasks become something to be wary about, always cautious that there may be a gank incoming or that one lone ass hat will start a giant zone war that will last for hours. Worse still, there may not even be your faction to back you up... just you against the entire horde or alliance. What should take minutes could take hours.

"The defecation has hit the oscillation!"

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Ever hit your stride while grinding? Ever time you look down at your exp bar, it just seems to fill faster than you can manage? That won't happen here. Bugs and issues plague you around ever corner in every zone. Sometimes its just an item that will never spawn, an enemy who cannot die, or a quest location that just won't launch. Whatever the reasons it will hit you like a ton of bricks.

Good luck talking to a GM too. Open a ticket, wait for hours if you can, only to have that bug out on you too. I wish I was making that up, and I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't experienced it first hand. So not only will you deal with problems Blizzard had 4 months to deal with, you'll also have to jump through some spectacular clusterF*** hoops just to get someone to resolve them

I've thought about canceling my subscription because of lack of interest or some other lame excuse, to the point where I sound like an abused spouse... but this time I'm actually thinking about canceling and demanding a refund. No other publisher could get away with this... why should blizzard?

And just if you want to tally it up, from WoW subscriptions alone, they make nearly $100,000,000 a month. That's one-hundred million every 4 weeks. Or... $1,080,000,000 a year. Not counting in game vanity pets, mounts, the profit from the games being bought, etc etc etc. If you cannot solve a game's problems with over a billion dollars a year.... I have nothing for you.

If this blog sounds angry, good. Blizzard should seriously apologize. Why do i take this so seriously? WoW is one of those MMOs where you either keep up with the crowd of spend weeks or months playing catch up. You'll spend hundreds or thousands of gold and resources just trying to get raid ready, and right now, keeping up is a pain in the ass. So take it from someone who has played this game for nearly six years... b*tch at blizzard or wait it out. Either way, you're going to sacrifice your time or your money... or both.