It's strange to think that the PS3, and Xbox 360 are now last generation consoles. With the PS4, and Xbox One already bringing awesome games like Killzone Shadow Fall, and Dead Rising 3, and more awesome looking games coming, the future is looking bright. Before we get to far into this generation, I decided to take a look back at my 10 favorite games of the last, so here they are: 

10. Fallout 3 

When it comes to creating huge immersive worlds to explore, Bethesda is pretty hard to top. The opening hour of the game doesn't do much you haven't seen before. You create and name your character, then the game spends a little time setting up the story, and teaching you the basics. It's not until Vault 101's door opens up, and you see the outside world, that you realize just how big this game is. You can easily lose hundreds of hours exploring the Wasteland without even touching the main quest. In short, Fallout 3 is a pretty amazing game.

9.Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception 

Uncharted 2 is generally considered considered to be the best in the series (though we still have another coming, the jury's still out folks!) and that's pretty hard to argue with. Though personally, I think Uncharted 3 stands right up there with it. The series has always done set pieces well, and Uncharted 3 is no exception. Honestly, who can forget that whole plane sequence?  Add that in with the action packed gameplay, and great story, and you get quite the exciting game. 

8.Uncharted 2: Among Thieves 

I look at Naughty Dog the same way I do Pixar. They've yet to disappoint me. Every since playing Crash Bandicoot on the original Playstation, I've been a fan. Naughty Dog was actually a big deciding factor in what next-gen console I went with. And games like Uncharted 2 are the reason why. It's a game that starts off rolling, thanks to an awesome flashback sequence that foreshadows one of the most exciting set pieces in the series. And thanks to Naughty Dog's great writing, the story and characters really shine. Uncharted 2 is a game that easily stands among the best of the Playstation 3. 

7.Batman Arkham City 

Lets face it, Batman has not had a good run in video games. The Adventures of Batman and Robin on SNES and Sega Genesis were the only two Batman games I remember enjoying. That is until Rocksteady blew us away with Arkham Asylum. By adding great predator stealth sections, an incredible combat system, and some cool detective sequences, it really felt like the Batman game we'd been waiting on. Skip ahead two years, and Rocksteady does it again. Arkham City took everything that made Asylum great, and blew it up. From the open world, story, combat, and well, pretty much everything that felt perfect in Arkham Asylum had somehow been improved. I don't know how Rocksteady will ever top such Arkham City, but I'm sure  they will. 

6. Dark Souls 

Dark Souls is a brutal game. It lacks a lot of things things we've gotten used to in modern RPGs. Things like quest arrows, or level scaling. And most bosses are roadblocks that demand practice, and nearly perfection to pass (even the tutorial boss can kill you with a couple hits.) It's pretty unforgiving. But for anyone with the patience, it's also extremely rewarding. Death in Dark Souls isn't so much a setback as a learning experience. It's not uncommon to spend hours in one area, making it a little further with each death. And while this may sound frustrating, after you pass a towering fortress filled with deadly traps unharmed, the love for Dark Souls suddenly makes sense. 


I played Bioshock back in 2008, but I'll likely never forget it. The haunting halls of Rapture, the iconic Big Daddies, the creepy Little Sisters, the shocking twist, as with most people, they've stuck with me. Bioshock is filled with incredible moments. From the fear and confusion of your first moments in the terrifying city of Rapture, the first harrowing battle with a Big Daddy,  all the way to the finale, there's rarely a dull moment.  

4.Red Dead Redemption 

Rockstar created something pretty amazing with Red Dead Redemption. Whether you're wondering the open world, or playing through the incredible story, it's nearly impossible not to become immersed in Red Dead's world. Walk through town, and a fight may break out, bandits could attack, or maybe a stranger just walks by and gives you a friendly greeting. The same attention to detail carries over to the story as well. Extremely well written characters, and awesome moments like entering Mexico, for the first time, and hearing "Far Away" keep you hooked up to the unforgettable ending. 

3.The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 

Bethesda never ceases to amaze me with their incredible worlds. The sheer size of Skyrim  just makes the attention to detail even more amazing. There are hundreds of dungeons to explore, some with stories to tell, some with bosses, and some with unique weapons and armor. There are hundreds of side quests, four guilds to join, Daedric quests, and plenty of other things I can't even get to without rambling. You can sink hundreds of hours into Skyrim, without even touching the main quest, and still feel like you're just scratching the surface. And that's with even counting the excellent DLC, one of which adds a whole other island to the game!  

2.Bioshock Infinite 

Columbia didn't quite leave the same impact on me that Rapture did. It's still a great setting, with lots more atmosphere than the worlds of most shooters, but Rapture is hard to top. However, the story is what really makes Infinite something special. It  plays out almost like a mystery. You'll be trying to piece together details, and try to make sense of things until the jaw dropping ending pulls the rug out from under you. But then give it another playthrough. Little details that didn't make sense, some that didn't even seem important to the story suddenly make perfect sense. While Bioshock Infinite certainly isn't a perfect game, it is a pretty amazing one. 

1.The Last of Us 

Back in June, right after I finished The Last of Us, I called it my favorite game of all time. As you probably know, that's some pretty high praise, especially for a game I had just completed. Here we are, about six months later, and I've completed it numerous more times. I've spent plenty of time thinking about the story, the characters, the game's most powerful moments, and how they fit into the story. And I still stand by that statement. If anything, I actually think even more highly of it than I did when I first finished it. No other game has ever left an impact on me like The Last of Us.

The story kept me on the edge of my seat from the tragic opening all the way to incredible ending. One moment in particular had me nervously tapping my feet and fingers, while a simple, peaceful moment (most likely my moment of the generation) late in the game blew me away. And Gustavo Santaolalla's haunting score just makes moments like these feel even more powerful. The tense gameplay, which always feels like a fight to survive, goes along perfectly with the story. In my eyes, The Last of Us is nothing short of a masterpiece, and my favorite game of all time. 


Honorable mentions 

Ten just isn't enough. Here are some games that really enjoyed, but didn't quite make my top ten:

Tomb Raider, Mass Effect series, Dragon's Dogma, Assassin's Creed series, Borderlands 2, Dead Space series, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, Portal 2, Dishonored.


So, that's my list. But what good is a top ten list without some arguing?! What games made your list?