With the Wii-U already announced and on the way, and plenty of rumors flying around about the next Xbox and Playstation, it's getting more and more apparent that next-gen is on it's way. Though some of the rumors are a little worrisome, I'm trying to stay positive. Achievements and Trophies are some of my favorite things about this generation, and going by their popularity, I think they'll stick around for next-gen. And hopefully, we'll even see some improvements. Here's what I'd like to see:


An Extra Reward For Getting %100 Achievements

There's no better trophy then the platinum. It's the payoff, the final digital reward for all your hard work. It doesn't matter what you had to go through to get here, the platinum makes it worth it. And as much as I love Achievements, this is my biggest complaint. Your only reward for getting everything is the knowledge that you have %100. Whether it's an extra 50, or 100 points, or even just some kind of badge for your profile, something would be nice.


A Better Trophy System

As much as I love trophies, when you get down to the nuts and bolts of them, achievements run on a better system. It's not really anything major, just a bunch of minor complaints. For instance, there can be a pretty big delay with the trophy popping up in some games, while achievements seem to be instant. It's not a huge thing, but it can be annoying when you've been trying to do something extremely hard, and when you finally do, you're setting there saying: "did I do it? Did I do it? I didn't do it did I?" for 30 seconds.


It would also be nice if they could do away with all the syncing. Every time you get a trophy, it must be synced to your profile. Not a huge thing, but a little irritating. And if you plan to use that doohickey up there, you also have to sync it from Sony's website. Yet I've never had to sync any achievement on anything.


Everything MUST carry over

I don't know about you, but I've spent a crazy amount of time getting these digital rewards. I've hunted down countless collectables, spent way too many nights screaming at the TV on hard difficulties, and wasted who knows how many hours grinding. It would really suck to see all that work die with this Gen's consoles. This is probably my number one most wanted thing on this list. Everything MUST CARRY OVER!


Stop Forcing DLC Achievements/Trophies On Us

Imagine if every time a new game released, whether you bought it or not, it's achievement/trophy set was added to your console. This is basically what happens with DLC. Anytime any DLC for a game you have releases, boom! It's added to your set. This can be really annoying because, not only does it take away your %100 if you already have it, but it can make it impossible to get %100 if you have no interest, room, money, or whatever for it. 


Wouldn't it be nice if DLC achievement/trophies weren't added until you bought it?


Easier Comparing With Friends

Say you want to compare you achievements/trophies with a friend, because he's always one step ahead, and you don't like that. Right now on Xbox and PS3, you'd have to find him on your list, push compare, and find the game you want to compare. Imagine if the console could automatically compare whatever you're playing at the moment without having to fumble through menus to find it? 


So that's my list. What would you like to see changed/improved?