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Like a lot of other people here, I've been waiting for Skyrim all year. As it neared, the waiting became unbearable. On the last week, I was counting down days, and going crazy. When it finally released I couldn't believe I was playing a Bethesda game on my PS3 that hadn't froze once. I actually made it through the main quest without one freeze! However it wouldn't last...

(It's absolutely amazing...until it stops working)

See, a glitch has been found in the PS3 version's saving. Every time the game saves, the file size grows. Which means the more you save the bigger the file gets. By the time it reaches around 5 MB, problems start kicking in, and it only gets worse from there. Mine started lagging a little, slowly got worse, then other problems started showing their ugly heads. 


My character wouldn't talk to NPC's, had trouble interacting with doors and activities like chopping wood, and the game becomes more and more unstable. Eventually it just becomes unplayable. The logical thing would be to wait for a patch, but since Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas suffered the same problems on PS3 and were never fixed, I'm not very hopeful. 


The make things worse, GameStop will not exchange it for the 360 version, saying "I needed a bigger hard drive because the graphics are too good for mine" (Sure buddy). I'm just trying to get the word out to people who don't know, and if anybody has a solution, I'd love to hear it. As of right now I'm stuck with an unplayable game, and I'm ticked.


Of Course I don't expect everybody to just take my word for it, just search: Skyrim PS3 save glitch, or click the link for details. Here.



I put some more time in and now the save file has climbed to about 9 MB. The game is now pretty much unplayable. It's constant lag even in towns and indoors. And when I'm in a battle, it's like watching freeze frames. Not to mention all the other odd stuff happening.

Here are some examples. I apologize for the bad quality, but it's the best I could do with my camera. 



(Random Goat in the ground)

(All my furniture vanished upon loading, notice the floating pot? That used to hang from the metal rack over the fire...which also vanished).


(And here's the dragon that appeared in the middle of Whiterun)


Again sorry about the quality.