Reiner recently did a list of his top 25 favorite games, which is basically what inspired me to do this one. While I don't think I could put together a list of my favorite 25, 10 just didn't seem like enough. So I just decided to throw in 11. Have a look because even if it's terrible, you still get to make fun of me right?  
#11) Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots 
The Metal Gear Solid series has turned into one of the most confusing stories in the history of man (seriously, I'd pay somebody to explain that to me). But the stealth-based game play has always been a blast. MGS 4 reworks the controls to perfection, tones down the codec chatter, and adds a sad element to the story as we watch Snake fall apart on his final mission. The result is the best MGS title to date and one of the sadder video game stories. 
#10) Fallout 3 
Fallout 3 was my first experience with a Bethesda game, and it was mind blowing. Upon exiting Vault 21 for the first time, the freedom the game throws at you is what really makes it so amazing. If you want to go over that hill and murder everybody in the town (well shame on you!) you can do that. You're completely free to be who you want be, which earns Fallout 3 a spot on my list. 
#9)The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 
In a earlier blog I mentioned that I avoided the main quest in Oblivion due to the Oblivion gates freaking me out. The fact that the game still ranks in my top 11 games really says something about it. With it's fantasy setting, Oblivion goes further (to me anyway) with the freedom than Fallout. The wonder and excitement of the world is what keeps bringing me back, after all what other games let you raid dungeons as a Lizard Assassin? 
#8) Bioshock 2 
Bioshock 2 seemed to receive a lot of negative criticism when it released. To this day I still don't quite understand a lot of the complaints. One of the most common is: players never felt like a Big Daddy. It was actually the opposite for me, even on hard, I felt too powerful. Bioshock 2 may not have brought the same wonder as the original, but I accept it for what it was: another great game set in the Bioshock universe. 
#7) Assassin's Creed 
A preview of this game was actually my final push to upgrade to current Gen. And it was every bit as awesome as I expected. Exploring the Holy Lands as the ruthless Assassin: Altair was an absolute blast. The innovative control style made everything from combat to platforming a load of fun. And the graphics really brought the amazing environments to life. The Repetitive game play drug it down a little, but the moment you had your target in your sights, it was all worth it.  
#6) Batman Abrkham Asylum 
Let's be honest, Batman has a horrible video game track record. Thankfully Rocksteady came along and surprised us with what was not only the best Batman game, but one of the best super hero games yet. Like Bioshock's Rapture, The Asylum is just as much as a character as our pointy-eared friend. Exploring the haunted halls of Arkham Asylum while messing with it's demented inmates is one of my favorite game experiences.