Since all of the current generation of systems have been released, there has been talk about who is winning the "Console Wars." I would like to propose, who in my opinion, is currently in the lead.

Now before I begin, I would like everyone to feel free to comment how they feel. If you disagree, say so, but don't bash just because you are a fanboy of a different console, state you reasoning for disagreeing or agreeing.

In my opinion, I think that it is Microsoft's Xbox 360 who is currently in the lead.

Why the 360 is beating the PS3...

1. The Early Start and Pricing

The Xbox 360 was released about a year before the Playstation 3 came out. Not only did this allow Microsoft to get a good jumpstart with games for their system, but it also gave them a jumpstart at the number of people who owned their system. People were able to get the 360 before the PS3, so people who wanted a new system only had one choice for about a year, which helped many gamers to purchase a 360. Then there is the pricing. The PS3 was released a year later for a price more expensive then what the 360 had been during its release. This caused many gamers to go with the 360 more than the PS3.

I own all 3 system, and even though I think that the PS3 is an amazing system with amazing games, I tend to buy online games for my 360 more often than PS3. The reason is simple. The best thing, in my opinion, about the current generation of systems is being able to play online with my friends. More of my friends own a 360 than a PS3, so I would usually rather play Xbox with my friends. This also leads me to my next point...

2. Online Gaming

In order to get the most out of your Xbox experience, you need to have an Xbox Live Gold subscription that you must pay for. This isn't a problem for the PS3, as all of its online is free. However, paying the money for a subscription is worth it. You get many features that the PS3 doesn't have like 8 person party chat, listening to music while gaming (no gold required), Netflix, and soon, Twitter and Facebook. Sure, the PS3 has Home, but to be honest, I am always bored whenever I "play" Home.

3. Achievements

While this is not one of the big issues, I think it is important to mention. Xbox gamers had a lot more time to get their Achievement scores started before the release of the PS3's Trophies. Personally, I would rather raise my Achievement score than my number of Trophies.

4. Franchises

The Xbox has had some amazing game franchises from the past have new games in the series on the 360 (i.e. Halo 3, Fable 2). Since these series had already been popular in the past, the hype for the new games was incredible. For the PS3 however, there havn't been as many. With the notable exception of Metal Gear, most of the PS3's big titles have been new IPs. Now don't get me wrong, I think this is great. I am just saying that these games didn't necisarily have as much hype as established series. Also, with the loss of exclusives like the Star Ocean and Final Fantasy series, the PS3 has lost some great exclusives games.

In the PS3's Defense...

- The new, lowered pricing is causing more people to by the PS3.

- 360 doesn't have Blue Ray.

Why the 360 is beating the Wii...

1.Online Gaming

The Xbox 360 is, in my opinion, the leader for online gaming. The Wii however, seems to be in last. First of all is the friend code that you must give out for each online game you play. Also, many of the Wii's greatest titles like Zelda and Super Mario Galaxy do not have online features. And some that do like Super Smash Brothers Brawl does not very good online modes.

2. Features

The Xbox 360 lets you listen and store music, download arcade games and full games, will soon have Twitter, Facebook, and Last FM, party chat, netflix, and the ability to watch DVDs. The Wii has the Virtual Console and a web browser, but in comparison to the 360, does not have that many great features.

3. The Console's New Features

The biggest new feature I can think of for the is the Motion Plus controls. I for one do not want to pay for something that should have been there from the start. The 360's soon to be newest feature will be Project Natal. Project Natal is adding more to motion controls than the Wii has. With cool features of Natal like Milo, the 360 may be able to beat the Wii's motion controls.

In the Wii's Defense...

-The Wii is currently in the lead with motion controls

-The Wii atracts more of a variety of customers than the 360


So what's your opinion on the console wars? I apreciate all feedback.

Edit: I've been pretty busy lately and havn't been able to type part 2 and 3. I will soon, possibly this weekend. Part 2 will be PS3, and part 3, of course, will be the Wii.