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The battle raged around them. RC-1021 "Donato" had lead his squad into an ambush; battle droids approaching from the front and rear, with a steep chasm to the side making escape impossible. The only remaining option was through the bunker, where the Jedi they were escorting was already dealing with their target - a Sith Lord named Gerrell. Their only hope was to make a stand, HERE, and hold off the droid army's two-pronged attack, making it their mission to buy the Jedi the time he needed to complete his.

The elite Republic Commando unit under Donato's command had been tasked with a special operation on Nar Shaddaa - escort the Jedi Knight to a hangar bay where the Sith Lord was thought to be overseeing black market operations. A Republic spy had managed to send back a single captured image before going dark - this image, of Gerrell surrounded by bounty hunters and smugglers, was all the intel they had to go on for now. No one knew for sure what that meeting was about, but an increase in the number of droids showing up in black market transactions in neighboring sectors was no longer likely to be a coincidence.

The primary mission was the capture or killing of the Gerrell; the hangar bay where the shipments were stored for processing was to be destroyed regardless of the outcome. It was a hushed operation; no one knew they were here, there would be no backup or extraction in the event of failure - which was now looking like a very real possibility. The hangar and landing pads were situated on the edge of a deep ravine; investigating the premises placed them in a bottleneck, with the hangar on one side and the chasm on the other, and droids and droidekas suddenly appearing to cut off escape for the four Commando squad.

Donato had hand-picked his team for this mission, accordingly. RC-1212 "Cypher," a security and communications specialist whose hacking skills had gained them access to the facility they now found themselves in. RC-1433 "Struct," the combat engineer who doubled as the demolitions expert. No one was sure if his handle was short for "construction" or "destruction," as he was a master of both. RC-1377 "Horizon" served as the squad's sniper and scout, her un-scoped rifle now finding use as a mid-range weapon instead of the long-range deathbringer it was originally designed as.

Donato, the heavy weapons expert, propped up the heavy repeater blaster against some crates, barking out orders as he continued to sweep their flank, mowing down the expendable droid infantry advancing on them. Horizon took position behind him, picking off the distant targets as best she could. Struct and Cypher held the other side of the make-shift landing pad, blaster fire and thermal detonators keeping the droids at bay. Donato glanced to his left, the red and green flashes of lightsaber strikes lighting up the distant room.

The Jedi in their company hadn't said anything on the flight to the facility. Seated at the back of the shuttle, with his grey hood drawn over his face and arms tucked inside his sleeves, he was silent the entire trip. No one knew his real name, but he'd earned the nickname Carbonite for being cold, calculating, and solid under pressure.

He was putting these qualities to good use presently, calculating his options while anticipating he enemy's next move. Gerrell attacked fiercely, his lightsaber a red blur as Carbonite weaved between the strikes, using the force to move with blinding speed to dodge the weapon before countering with his own. The glowing green blade sprung to life as the Jedi executed two parries, then followed up with his own attack. Several strikes put Gerrell on the defensive, and Carbonite's force push sent the Sith flying into a wall. He advanced on his staggered opponent as the droid army outside descended upon the Commandos, still fighting for their lives.

Carbonite was hoping to end this quickly, but Gerrell hurled his lightsaber at the Jedi. Carbonite was barely able to deflect the saber in time, as Gerrell rose to his feet, catching the returning weapon in one hand while unleashing an arc of lightning from the other. Carbonite absorbed the electricity with his own lightsaber as Gerrell sprinted forward, and the two exchanged lightsaber blows again. Gerrell began to hurl objects around the room while continuing his lightsaber attack, forcing Carbonite to deal with multiple threats.

His instincts and reflexes were sharp, and he managed to deflect several metal objects while dueling his adversary - until one box got through, crashing into the back of his head. Carbonite slumped to the ground, his lightsaber rolling out of reach as the blade retracted. Gerrell stood before him, bringing down the red blade in a killing blow. It stopped just short, as Carbonite summoned the force to push back, barely holding Gerrell in check. Carbonite was still weakened from the blow to the head, and Gerrell's lightsaber inched closer to its target.

Gerrell suddenly dropped his lightsaber, the weapon slipping from his fingers and dropping to the ground between him. Looking down, he saw a jagged piece of metal emerging from his chest - a shard of something broken loose during their battle that Carbonite had lifted, unseen, and driven into the Sith's back. He fell to his knees as the Commandos outside, being overrun, began to fall back to the room. Carbonite collected his own lightsaber, as well as the Sith's; Donato thought he could hear Gerrell mutter something about his "rightful place" as Carbonite activated both lightsabers, pausing for a moment before bringing both crashing down, ending the Sith's life.

Donato breathed deeply, satisfied that the mission at hand had been successful thanks to his squad. He turned and fanned the catwalks leading to the hangar with blaster fire, covering Horizon and Struct, who were helping a limping Cypher as they made their escape. Once the injured Commando was inside, Carbonite used the Force to pull down a nearby catwalk, collapsing the metal into the doorway, sealing the droid army outside and buying them time. They entered a nearby access tunnel, following it to the facility's perimeter, and quickly making their way on foot to the shuttle they had left just outside the city.

As they took off, Struct checked his timer, watching the numbers click down. The charges he'd planted when they arrived would have been more than enough to bring the place down around them had they taken too long. Completing the mission was all that mattered; though getting out alive had been a nice bonus. Seconds later, explosions lit the sky behind them, and the facility collapsed onto itself and into the nearby chasm, leaving a smoking crater where the massive building had stood a minute ago.

"Put her down here," Carbonite said, shocking the Commandos with the first words they'd heard him speak. "I need to call this in." They could make the transmission in flight, but no one wanted to question a Jedi at that moment.

Donato set the shuttle down on a plateau, opening up the comm systems. "Nice work back there," he said over his shoulder. "It was good to see you put down that Sith. Think this'll put a stop to whatever he was up to?"

"The thing about the Sith, is there are always two," Carbonite said as he put his hand on Donato's shoulder. "A master," as he drew Gerrell's red lightsaber from his robes, "and an apprentice."

Having struck down his master, and eliminating the only witnesses, Carbonite left the shuttle on the plateau. He took a speederbike from the storage unit and sped away from the lifeless vessel, eager to begin his new life under his newly assumed title - "Darth."