Recently, IGN sat down with developer DreamRift, a company composed of various previous development teams that combine talent from all over the industry, to talk a little about their most recent project, Monster (working title). The new IP from the developers of Henry Hatsworth, is about an adorable little girl who takes a monster under her wing, which than returns the favor by helping her throughout the game by beating up other monsters and their kids. The developers mention that influences for the game came from a variety of other intuitive titles, such as Pokemon, Metroid, Mega Man, and Castlevania. The developers also said the that “the game’s core mobility, intense combat, and inspiration from gaming’s historic greats all blends together to create a package that feels polished and rewarding”.

It appears as if they’ve actually came across a very interesting and original idea here, not to mention that the sprite-based graphics look amazingly good. I, for one, am very eager to see what the minds behind Henry Hatsworth bring to the table with this unique little title. As of now, Project Monster has no announced publisher, however, when dealing with a game of this quality, it’s only a matter of time before we hear about one of the big guys snatching it up.