Ok, I've heard enough already. I think it’s about time we just went ahead and announced it ourselves, since Ubisoft just keep beating around the bush on the matter — Splinter Cell Conviction will indeed be coming to the PS3 at some point, just like Double Agent did. Comments on the game have recently moved from being "it’s meant for the 360 and it will show" to "there’s always hope for a PS3 version", and now Yannis Mallat, CEO of Ubisoft’s Toronto and Montreal studios, recently stated that the series will be staying on the 360... “until further notice.”... Further notice?

He did add, “However, I’m only the one making the games, you should talk to the people in Paris for a final answer,” that sounds like a bunch fancy talk for 'I'm not ranked high enough to announce such things.' So, What's your take on this; do you agree?