I'm sure by now everyone has heard so many hints and whispers about the inevitable Dead Space 2 that I even felt like I shouldn’t even post this little piece of irrelevant news. But who cares, I'll post it anyway.

According to an article by Reuters which talks about the ever growing popularity of horror games, it is casually mentioned that “Dead Space 2 is in development for next year.” I know what you guys are already thinking, "Manny, this isn't really concrete evidence", but lets be honest with ourselves, While this particular piece doesn’t really go any deeper than that, it does add an extra pound or two to our ever growing pile of apparent Dead Space 2 existence confirmations and recap.

Back in May, the game’s technical/development director added Dead Space 2 to his LinkedIn profile. Also, Later in July, Variety reported that Dead Space 2 and 3 are both being simultaneously developed. And don't forget that just last month developer Visceral Games announced it was looking for developers to work on their “Dead Space franchise on Xbox360 and PS3” while going on to mention that “the game is in the later stages of preproduction, ready for production in the next few months.”

So, if I had to bet my life on it, I would pretty much go with the ' Dead Space is definitely coming' option.

What about you?