Silent Hill isn't a game we see at the center of a "games made me do it" controversy very often, but appereantly a thirty-five-year-old man claims that Konami's psychological horror game inspired him to not only break into a hospital basement but to shut off the electricity as well... Wow. The man, identified only as Jan H., claims to have been in a state of psychosis and believed he was still playing the game.

Mr. Jan H. infiltrated the basement of Sophia Hospital in the Netherlands last April, where he shut off the power and forced a blackout for forty-five minutes. People were trapped in elevators and doctors had to manually keep intensive care patients breathing. Fortunately for Mr. Jan H., nobody was hurt. What exactly he was doing during this time still remains another unsolved Silent Hill mystery.

Amazingly, he was found not guilty in a trial last week (and that makes yet another unsolved Silent Hill mystery, we're on a roll here) as the court ruled Jan had "no idea of the true consequences of his deed." Jan  claims that, during his warped state of mind, he believed that shutting off the hospital power would allow him to acquire a toothbrush as part of some convoluted Silent Hill puzzle.....a tooth brush?... What?

The man was looking for a freaking toothbrush!?... Wow!...

I want to take this time to give all you gamers out there a word of advice. The tooth brush that gets you past that horrifying boss in Silent Hill is not, I repeat, IS NOT, in the basement of any hospital.