A ton of fans got excited when Hideo Kojima released a statement saying that making a sequel to Zone of the Enders was on the top of his priorities list. But it seems that members of general public weren't the only ones who got anxiously over-excited over this sequel.

It appears that ever since that statement release a few weeks back, staff members at Kojima Productions have been approaching the game creator, demanding to know when the studio will begin working on the game and whether or not they’ll be assigned to the project. The excitement is amazingly over-the-top at the Kojima Productions offices, as some staffers have even started decorating their workspaces with Zone of the Enders memorabilia.

Kojima has recently addressed the overwhelming response garnered by his previous statement, saying the reaction was “greater than I’d expected,” and that his blog’s access count had “reached levels of the Tokyo Game Show time.” He again reassures us that the things are in motion, and urges us to “please wait a little more.” Wow, this game hasn’t even begun the development process already I’m dying with excitement too. Hurry it up Kojima!