Yes, even secret gaming ninjas can get sick! It hit me last week, almost like a shuriken hitting you in the middle of the night, it struck me with out warning. At first, I suspect I had been poisoned by one of the GI guys for blogging too much.

I even thought about attempting to blog on what I thought was my deathbed, trying to warn the world about what they had done before I passed away, I even fired up the laptop, but my mind was too foggy and I just didn’t have the oomph. So, I took the advice of my doctor instead: "They're aren't any secret ninjas trying to kill you Manny, its just the fly, you just need rest!"

This didn't turn out to be an ordinary rest, though. I found myself in bed for the entire weekend and for most of that time I actually slept, which is very rare for someone like me, since I usually only sleep for about 6-7 hours (except on rare occasions which I feel completely beat down)

That’s what got me thinking that GI had somehow came into my house while I was sleeping, and poisoned my orange juice. Look, before you go jumping to conclusion, I know this sounds kind of crazy, but trust me when I say this: I just don’t get sick like that. Who else could have gotten past my hi-tech laser-defense system other than GI?

So, while it could have been seasonal influenza, (that’s what the doctor said it was), I had a weird feeling about such a conclusion...Perhaps the doctor was working with GI. I'm watching you guys. You hear me GI? I know you guys are up to something!

I decided to test the doctors thesis, I took the medicine he prescribed me and rested for the entire weekend. After much rest (and secret ninja healing skills), I was able to overcome this lethal venom which was somehow implemented inside my unopened bottle of orange juice...

Ok, all jokes aside, I just want to give all you guys a word of advice this holiday season. The flu is something very serious. Over 36,000 people die from the flu every year. I'm not going to try and sound all smart and doctor-like, but I will say this: Please, for both you and the well being of others, take care of yourself. If it's cold outside, than get a sweater or a jacket. If you do happen to get sick, don’t feel a bit of guilt for caring for yourself. Feel empowered that you are taking the responsible path not just for your health but for the health of the people you care about the most and who count on you each and every day…your family, friends and class-mates.

Rest rest rest!!! Getting better isn't normally something that happens overnight, its a process, a process that takes longer and longer the more you push yourself throughout each and every single day.

So, did I have the flu, or did secret gaming ninjas make yet another attempt to try and silence me once and for all? I fear the answer to that question is one I shall never know. But I plan on getting to the bottom of this failed attempt eventually. That is, as soon as GI decides to have a chat with me about this...

Ok, now, on to the good stuff. I just got through beating Uncharted 2. I'm working on the review for that right now. I'll have that up very soon. I will also continue to keep you guys posted on anything new in the industry.

I wish ya'll the best this holiday season. Hopefully you wont end up in bed for 3 days like me!