Insomniac Games’ Senior Community Manager James Stevenson recently Spoke to GamerZines about how “silly” it would for anyone to believe that Resistance would be the last new IP coming from the studio.

“We don’t really want to talk about anything outside of A Crack In Time, but what I will say in general is that, if you think that Resistance is going to be the last new IP from Insomniac obviously that would be a silly thought,” said Stevenson. “At some point in the future there will be new IPs, but when, where, why, how, you know, who knows?”

Stevenson than went on to hint that after recognizing that Resistance 2’s co-op mode attracted more players than its competitive mode, the the studio is now even more interested in incorporating more co-op options in future titles.

“It’s definitely a growing sector of the industry and regardless of what games Insomniac make in the future - because we will make many more games and I’m not going to talk about what they’ll be - I think co-op is something that we will recognize the growing importance of."

Insomniac's latest, Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time, came out yesterday here in the US, Europe will get a chance to play it on Novemver 4, followed by the UK on the 6th.