We all know that the Wii has been a huge success for Nintendo, some would even go as far as saying that they've managed to struck a near perfect console balance with it, one that has kept both hardcore and casual gamers buying their system. Still though, there’s that one question thats been lingering in my mind for some time now; what will the company that gave birth to dual screens and motion controls come up with next?

We all know Nintendo isn't too big on sharing details on future projects, but Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto, the mastermind who needs no introduction has shared a few thoughts in a recent interview with Popular Mechanics to the other aspects of the console, namely price and kit, “while we don’t have any concrete plans for what we’ll be doing with hardware in the future, what I can say is that, my guess is that because we found this interface to be so interesting, I think it would be likely that we would try to make that same functionality perhaps more compact and perhaps even more cost-efficient.”

Thats right, Nintendo is sticking with the same plan that has lead to their huge succes, being "cost-efficient". The Wii's current price is a lovely $199 right now, even though adding extra controllers and essentials such as the Wii MotionPlus will set you back a few bucks. However, we all know that price is only one of the issues Nintendo has to look at for the next round, as many gamers out there want to see them catch up with the HD visuals that the other consoles offer. I believe that we can all agree that Nintendo's little winner has alter and changed the industry for good, but will their next system do the same?