Players of EVE Online and DUST 514, along with its recently announced MMOFPS, will be able to communicate with each other in ways never before seen in the history of video games. The two games are set in the same universe and at the same exact time, allowing, for example, EVE Online players on the PC to hire DUST 514 players on the consoles to fight ground battles for them. But the question that remains is; how far will this kind of cooperation go?

It’s one thing to post a ‘mercenaries wanted’ ad on a board that players from both games can interact with, but could real-time in-game communication be an option as well? In a recent interview with IGN, developer CCP’s CEO Hilmar Petursson gave an answer that hints that this might just be the case.

When asked if would be it possible for console DUST 514 players and PC EVE players to interact in real-time, to pull off some kind of coordinated attack, Petursson responded by saying that “At this time we're not able to discuss the real-time communication possibilities apart from what can be achieved on the social communication platform we are developing for EVE Online's next expansion." This leads me to believe they could at least be thinking of ways to link the two MMOs together in such a manner. And that alone, is enough to get me to start doing the "running man" in front of my laptop.