We're all very aware of the oh-so annoying fact that Nintendo likes to keep their mouths shut about all of their unreleased games for as long as possible. So, it should come as a very big surprise that a new Mario game has been "unofficially announced", by none other than the man himself, Mario. Well, his voice actor anyways, Charles Martinet.

Mr. Martinet has been updating his Twitter over these past couple of days about recording voice over for a new Mario game, a game that’s “not New Super Mario Brothers. Wii, and it’s not Galaxy 2,” but rest assured, “it’s going to be crazy fun!”

This new game could be anything from the game that will follow after Super Mario Galaxy 2 or a new Mario sports title, to something completely unexpected like a sequel to Luigi's Mansion. For my sake though, lets hope its the sequel to Luigi's Mansion.