Microsoft's next 360 update is sure to include a couple of new features that will more than likely excite some gamers, however, those of you using unauthorized storage devices will be less than happy (to say the least) about it.

According to 'Major Nelson’, Director of Programming for Xbox Live, “If you’ve moved your profile or saved games onto one to ‘back it up,’ you’d better move it back onto an authorized Xbox 360 storage device prior to taking the update. If you continue to use an unauthorized Memory Unit after the update, you will not be able to access your stored profile or saved games.”

We all know that Microsoft’s 120 GB hard drive for $149.99 is extremely over priced, specially when you consider the fact that there are much larger storage devices being sold at considerably lower prices; also, many analysts predict that this will no just be upsetting for consumers, some third party companies are going to have issues with this as well.

As of right now, no date for this update has not been officially announced, but it is believed to hit Xbox Live on November 17.