BioWare has finally announced that Mass Effect 2 will be hitting North American shelves on January 26. Europe will get the game three days later on January 29.

In addition, several pre-order "incentives" have been revealed. Pre-ordering the game from GameStop will get u a code to download the "Terminus Gear" when the game is released. The pack includes "Terminus Armor," designed for "extreme planetary conditions," and increases run speed, personal shields, and awards an additional magazine of reserve ammo. You'll also get the M-90 Blackstorm Heavy Weapon, which "generates a high-powered localized gravity well, accelerating particles near-infinite mass." That'll come in handy for blowing up some geth.

Pre-ordering the game at any other participating retailers will get you the code for the "Inferno Armor," which will give Shepard a negotiations bonus in-game, as well as increase run speed and increases damage from combat powers.

So, now you have the date, as well as your pre-order options. What is your choice going to be?