Recently, Prince of Persia's creator Jordan Mechner, answered a series of questions asked by the audience on what his thought were in the direction of where the franchise should go. “I don’t have a preconception of what the Prince of Persia game in 10 years should look like,” said Mechner during his GDC China keynote.

“I think we’re at a good place because the games that have been done up to this point have been so scattered and the franchise isn’t locked into one place, but I think people have feelings about which parts they like best… The next game can take the best parts of the franchise and build from there.”

The last Prince of Persia title was met with mixed reviews and was quite different than the last-gen's trilogy. I myself really enjoyed the latest Prince of Persia game, and hope that Ubisof will continue to expand on this new idea of Prince of Persia.

What do you guys think about Mechner's idea? What parts of the previous Prince of Persia games would you like to see Mechner incorporate in the next Prince of Persia game?