BioWare has plans to support its, soon to be out, Dragon Age: Origins with nice dose of post-release downloadable content. But exactly how much hard drive space should you set aside for its upcoming fantasy RPG? Well, for those 360 user, lets just say you might have to upgrade if you're still using the 20gb that originally came with your console; that is, if executive producer Mark Darrah’s recent statement is anything to go by.

Mr. Darrah, says that BioWare’s current DLC plans stretch out for “basically two years” and include releases of everything from, extra perks such as“item packs” and additional quests that may require a few hours or to complete, to even “fully fledged expansion packs.

Darrah went on to say that the first two pieces of DLC, Warden’s Keep and The Stone Prisoner, will arrive on download services the same day the game hits store shelves (Nov. 3 in NA, Nov. 6 in EU for the 360/PC, PS3 later in Nov).

This is really good news for all you eager to get your hands on this game.

“…it’s a broad long term support plan for the game,” Darrah says.