Assassin’s Creed II hasn't even been released yet, but already the creative minds at Ubisoft have shifted focus to the next entry in the series. And some of the ideas being thrown around include having a female protagonist and a World War II setting for the third Assassin’s Creed.

In an recent interview with Xbox World 360, producer Sébastien Puel noted that Ubisoft has been thinking of possible ways to have a female assassin succeed Ezio. One way of achieving this could be by setting Assassin’s Creed III in Europe during WWII. Puel explains, “If you’re talking about, say, World War II the economies in England and France were run by women because the men were off fighting. So maybe in this context you were a woman in England during WWII.” I suppose it makes sense, but surely, there must be another way to explain the existence of a heroine in the Assassin’s Creed series. I think I'm not alone here in thinking that gamers have pretty much seen enough game set in the WWII era to last them 3 more console generations.