Recently TopWare Interactive acquired the exclusive publishing rights to Scivelation, what looks to be an ambitious, story driven, action game. Powered by the Unreal III Engine, Scivelation has been given a mid-2010 release for both the PC, and next-gen consoles. This game looks good! And if what BWF is saying about the game so far turns out to be true, than Scivelation will seek to transform the Third-Person Shooter genre into an unrelenting interactive experience, hurling the player into a blockbuster journey, steeped in conflict and veiled in uncertainty.

Set in the distant future, Scivelation’s universe is a world born out of the ashes of conflict and misery. An oppressive global dictatorship, known as the Regime, has risen to power after the aftermath of the Apocalypse; aggressively seeking out and eliminating any opposition to their tyrannical government. With this capricious, dystopian reality as a backdrop, the player will take his or her place amongst the ranks of the resistance, waging war throughout the furthest reaches of the globe in this action-packed battle for freedom and survival.