Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising was just recently released, but it seems Codemasters isn’t wasting any time and could possible already be working on the sequel to Dragon Rising. At least that’s the impression executive produces Sion Lenton leaves.

“The team have been eagerly reading the reviews and all your feedback on the forums and we’ve been very pleased with how the game's been received, especially by console users, Lenton wrote in a note to the Codemasters forum community. “One of my main goals on this project was to introduce console gamers to this genre and get them excited about the possibilities of actually having to think about their actions in combat. I feel we have achieved this and I feel we are at the beginning of a very exciting journey for the Flashpoint series.”

Lenton also went on to say that they're “already prototyping new features,” that the Ego engine the game runs on “moves forwards in leaps and bounds” and advises to “watch this space!” He also told Dragon Rising fans that he's heard their pleas, and that DLC for the game will be made available to them within the next few weeks. Whether that means we can expect a brand new game, just DLC, or both could be anyone’s guess, but as a student in computer science I'll tell you this much, engine upgrades won’t be made avalable via DLC.