As you've probably already heard, EA’s Visceral Studios (Dead Space & Dante's Inferno) has been working on a game based on the famous 19th century serial killer, Jack the Ripper. Recently, rumors have started to flourish on the game, and me, being the lunatic gamer that I am, got my shovel ready and started getting my hands dirty. Here's what I've been able to dig up so far.

Usually, when we first think of Jack the Ripper, the first thoughts that come to our minds are those of a psychopathic serial killer right? Well, contemplate on this. What if everything we knew about Jack was wrong? What if Mr. Jack was in actuality a good and kindhearted individual, killing and butchering to save other peoples lives?...Intrigued? Than read on.

That’s the Jack several sources are hinting that you're going to experience in The Ripper. He is, in all his goodness and kindheartedness, a supernatural slayer protecting people from demons, vampires and other such evil entities... But judging by Visceral Studios' previous works, I wouldn't expect your typical, played-out demons. Instead, imagine a cross between the horrific mutated monsters from Dead Space and Dante’s Inferno. Jack will have an arsenal of over-the-top weapons to take out his enemies, and from what I've manage to find out, gameplay involves a special ability that lets him slow down time, too...Max Payne style, maybe?

That’s all I've manage to dig up so far, and until EA and Visceral decide to officially unveil the title, it may be a while before anyone gets any official new on it. It's likely they're trying to space out their promotion, as the team just released Dead Space: Extraction, and still have Dante's Inferno on the way. I can't wait until that last one comes out! I'm not sure whether or not they've confirmed Dead Space 2, but we all know it’s happening.

What are you thoughts on Visceral Games re-imagining of Jack the Ripper?
Let me know.