Minecraft has a whole lot of things to offer as it's pretty much the players minds that sets the limits to what you can do in this game. It's not far-fetched saying Minecraft is a game of its own. Sure, over the last couple of years Minecraft has been out similar games have been released, such as Patterns and StarForge. But once it was created it was the only game in its genre which was mainly focusing on bringing game elements to the players where their creative mind was the main focus.

There are no limits to what you can create. Some might feel this is a bit exaggerated to say as of course everything got some limits, but Minecraft got far less than any other game compared. You can choose entirely what you want to spend your time doing in the game. Whether that is creating a highly advanced calculator, build a replica of a city like New York or invent a new machine is completely up to you.

All in all I think Minecraft is a great game for anyone to play. It's very rare that I do say this as most of the time a game limits to a specific type of people, but Minecraft is very different. A good reason why I don't think there is a specific age that the game attracts is because the graphics are so simple and unrealistic. The textures are awful but that's not the center of the game, instead it's the creativity.

If you want to play Minecraft I recommend you go to their official website and then search for a server to play on.