Too much of a good thing?

Let's face it... in today's gaming world there are TOO MANY games. Honestly, there is a list as long as my arm and for every game that comes out it seems like two more are added to the list. Unless your job is in the realm of reviewing, writing, reporting, or creating video games... there is honestly no feasible way for one person to fully play every game that has come out or will come out. In fact, many good games often get neglected or overlooked because of the sheer volume of good games. Some games may get touched for a few weeks when they are purchased, only to sit on the shelves for months while the gamer plays catch up.

Take this for example: Skyrim.

Skyrim came out and it was amazing. Everyone was loving it, hating the bugs, but they loved the game. I didn't get the game until the end of November. I played it, I loved it, and then Star Wars the Old Republic came out. Now, anyone who knows me... well they know that I like Star Wars games. So I played TOR. Then came Final Fantasy XIII-2... then came Mass Effect... then came TOR patch 1.2... and then came Diablo 3.

I'm still playing Diablo 3, but do you know how many games I've missed just trying to fully enjoy those games? I've missed Gears of War 3. I missed Saint's Row 3... I missed the new Record of Agarest War. I missed out of Pokemon Black and White because I had to save my money for other games. I want to play the new Pokemon Conquest... which means my TOR subscription will probably decline for a month or two.


There are too many games. I can't keep up.

Between work and my personal life... I'm swamped and sometimes overwhelmed, and I'm certain that I am not the only person. Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing? Yes... yes there is.

Games... like movies... suffer when too many of them are released close together. People don't have the money, which means choices have to be made. Most of the times those choices end up hurting the new guys because people will go with the things they know. Mario, Halo, Final Fantasy... these guys aren't going to be hurt, but the new comers such as Kingdoms of Amalur? They get caught by the tide and dragged under (another game I have missed out on btw).

So is there a time when the big names need to bow out, or do the new guys need to plan their releases better? It's a hard road to juggle, but I can tell you in the realms of certain games, such as the Assassin's Creed series, they could afford to pace themselves and take a little bit longer between games. I not only got tired of Ezio and his story, but I felt like each consecutive games was not only worse, but had more game mechanics that didn't quite seem polished enough. Don't get me wrong, they are good games... I love AC 1 & 2, but having a game out every year? That seems like pushing it a little... definitely a little greedy.

And a new Gears of War game already announced? It hasn't even been a year since 3! And Halo 4? (which is actually Halo 6) When do you draw the line and let something rest? George Lucas had it right... one trilogy... wait a decade... another trilogy. There is a thing called pacing, and Hollywood has it down to a science, building up anticipation, but not flooding the market with too much of a good thing. The video game industry seems to be running full steam ahead... perhaps it is time to apply the reins just a little? I know I have my own problems focusing with that many games out there, but it seems as if gamers aren't the only ones with gaming A.D.D.

It seems like every day another gaming mogul is out there announcing a new studio, or a new project, or a new console, or a new media app...

I think all things in moderation, and with Sony posting its worse stock prices since the 1980's... it may be time to start thinking of "less is more" and focusing. Spending all this money on hundreds of different projects that all make mediocre profits because the consumer base is spread to thin, that is not a good business model, nor a good business market. I think it is time to cut back, focus on making fewer, highly polished products, and give the gamers a little bit of breathing room...

For what it's worth.