No Star Wars for Mark Hamill!!

In any media save for Robot Chicken (because... let's face it, Robot Chicken is the height of comedy and artistic value... it is the paragon status to seek if you are doing voice acting. Do not diss on the chicken!)

Anyhow, it was mentioned by Plugged In and figured (seeing as how Star Wars is my beat) I would add some Sarai-isms to the whole concept.

Picture if you will... that your first major acting break were to define Science Fiction and the cinema screen from there one; picture further, if you will, that people clamored for this movie... and they made it a cult success almost instantly. Also picture, if you will, that you are perhaps the one thing that can universally be made fun of in that movie... and further pretend... that from that point on, your name no longer exists because people refer to you as the "guy who played Luke Skywalker".

To put it in the words of Carrie Fischer, "Hello... ladies and gentlemen, I'm missus Han Solo and I just want you to know: George Lucas ruined my life." - from Carrie Fischer's roast of George Lucas and also similar to a passage to be found in her book Wishful Drinking (also made into a one woman show).

Now, admittedly, Mark Hamill has reinvented himself... he's a phenomenal voice actor (he voiced he joker most recently in Batman Arkham Asylum... and he did that same role for the animated series) and he's done more voice acting in places you wouldn't imagine. Fire Lord Ozai in Avatar the Last Airbender? Yep, Mark Hamill. Codename Kids Next Door? Mark Hamill voice acted several episodes. He's everywhere... he's even the Watcher in the new Darksiders games.


In the ten+ times that Luke Skywalker has appeared in video games... no Mark Hamill, and I think this is fairly simple to explain... HE'S ALREADY DONE IT. Why would you want to be known as someone who would erase your name from existence. Yes, the fans know who he is, but other than that... not really. Whereas, how he is managing his career now; people think, "who does that voice?" the watch credit and say... Oh wow! Mark Hamill. It's good business.

If you want it from his own mouth?

"When I played Luke from 1977 to 1983, games were in their infancy," Hamill said (in an interview with PC Zone). "I talked about turning a page and starting a new chapter. Those movies had a beginning, middle and end, and everyone sort of moved on...If you're playing Luke the way he was in the films - from his late teens to mid-'20s - I've outgrown the role. In the story, Luke is so boy-next-door farm boy, it's like Dorothy in Oz. All the other characters that surround him are fantastic. I don't really know how to answer that, because I've never been asked to do it. That's fine, though."

The basic answer and most easily produced Sarai-ism? He hasn't been offered the job and LucasArts is filled with pricks who think they can make Star Wars better than George Lucas... George Lucas doesn't complain cause the developers shout: "$$$" and he shuts up and writes some 900 page book. Meanwhile the rest of the world is too eager to eat up this tripe... and I'm sitting her pulling my gorgeous hair out! Nough said... moving on! No Mark Hamill for Star Wars... his AMAZING work is enough !

Love you all!