Dancing Grandma's Make Game a Dark Horse Success!

Want to find this game for your Wii after the holidays are over? Even if you aren't a Dance Dance Revolution fanatic, it would appear that this game has caught on by a storm... currently unavailable at most retailers... and currently sold out on both Best Buy, Wal-mart, and Amazon.com, this rather undertalked about game is apparently on the wish list of many children... whether they want it or not.

The sheer quantity sold would make those suppositioners out there wonder what grandma was thinking when purchasing this game? Was she wanting to play with the children? Did she think that it would be fun to break it down to "Beauty and the Beast" and "When We're Human"?

Whatever the reason, I know that the sheer scarcity of this game has me wanting to see just all the kurfaffle is about! The only problem? I can't find it within a 100 mile radius of where I live. I wonder where this game will sit when the sales reports come out for december?