The Ultimate Video Game

I have a dream, yes ladies and gentlemen, and that dream is this: that one day a gamemaker will create the game I am about to lay out before you. It is a game with a vision and scope that defy the epic! I'm talking of a Star Wars game that will give you everything you could want from the series, while at the same time give newbies and veterans, of Stars and Gaming alike, something new to behold and enjoy.

Picture this... right now... as I give you my idea in the simplest terms: GTA IV + Dragon Age: Origins + Assassin's Creed + Mass Effect + KOTOR + The Euphoria and DMM (Digital Molecular Matter if you aren't familiar) engines

I give you the ultimate Star Wars game. Now into details:

There is nothing quite so fulfilling as a free roaming game. Now, yes, there has to be a purpose to be achieved, there must be a complex and fulfilling story... but the ability to completely control when, where, and how that story is played out... it is hard to argue against such freedom. As everyone should know, freedom is a highly coveted commodity. Therefore I want to see a Star Wars game created that possess the freedom seen in GTA IV, along with a decent story line presented in all three (GTA IV, Mass Effect, KOTOR). I want Multiple planetary cities to be accessible... Mos Eisley and the Dune Sea, Coruscant and the major areas (Senate District, Jedi Temple district, the Underworld), Kamino's floating cities, Mon Calamari and it's underwater metropoli; there is a galaxy-wide list to populate the worlds you can throw into this game. I can see this working (liberty city islands? anyone else seeing this?)

Combine these worlds with the free roaming powers of GTA IV and Assassin's Creed, and the fact that Mass Effect shows us that you can indeed create multiple planets to visit (it would take more programming to make each of them detailed and viable... but hey what else is the power of a blu-ray disc for? Yes! I am even contemplating PS3 exclusive here... that's how serious I am). KOTOR also shows us that multiple planets can be created, that was back on the original Xbox... imagine the scope we could create now or in three years from now!

I would also like to see this game placed somewhere around galactic year... 500 bby ("before battle of yavin" for futher reference) because there really hasn't been too much focus placed upon those years. We do know several things: there are plenty of Jedi, the Sith are still in hiding, there is plenty of vague to make any kind of story you want, and you would have a game with a new villian that is NOT sith... for the first time in a long time. Meaning that you would have something fresh, exciting... and possibly frightening to contend with.

Thus... lets get onto the basics of the game. (as I contemplate aloud)


I forsee this being very much action-RPG esque, allowing you to do something like Dragon Age: Origins, where your character can have several different classes/backgrounds to choose from. Take a Jedi for instance... you can have a Jedi raised on Coruscant or one one of the Enclave worlds... or even a Jedi who never was given an apprenticeship (forced to go and be a farmer... plenty of potential there). Or for a smuggler... you could have been from any number of species: alien or human... which would affect your starting planet and your "origin". Same with a soldier or bounty hunter character... ect. You would pick a rank, a profession, and an origin... and then make your character design (with a beyond decent character generator)... and start the game.

As you progress through the game your character would level up. Jedi characters would be able to become more powerful in the force, unlocking more force powers as they become closer to that coveted "master" status; whereas, bounty hunter and other mundane characters would become more efficient with different weapon types, better at piloting, better at customizing and making their own weapons and armor (or clothes... there would be an option to wear only clothes... any up for Han Solo-ing the entire game?). The higher level you get, you would start making choices for good or for evil... do you fall to the darkside? do you protect the innocent? Do you join the villian army or rise up to lead the defenders? It would give you complete control of choices, rather than just having dialogue lines to pick. You could choose everything... from killing your master to shooting at the villian first before you even had the option of negotiation. You could even chose to be neutral, working only for yourself (anyone up for Boba Fett-ing the entire game? Playing both sides against the other for the ultimate coin... whoever paid you the most is who you would
back for the final battle!)


The game would be very much like GTA IV in it's standard run around control scheme... you could jack a vehicle if you wanted (which would get a bounty posted on you), or you could buy a used vehicle... take mass transit, run around... you would follow the story or do side quests... gaining experience to level up (which would affect Jedi and mundanes in different ways). The real class would show once combat started.

For the gun and range based weapon combat I see a mix between GTA IV's and Mass Effect's fighting systems... with some tweaking you could easily make this flawless. I don't really need to go into shooter logic here.

My brilliance (or at least my fandom) wants to see the vibro-blade (sword), melee, and lightsaber based combat... which would affect Jedi and Bounty Hunters... or anyone who chooses to go this route. There would be multiple forms and styles of melee combat (heck the Jedi have seven to choose from) and you would train in these forms (even given the option of making a hybrid form) which would affect your combos and attack style. The four main buttons (360: a, b, x, and y ; PS3: x, square, triangle, and circle) would be assigned the following: jump/dodge/roll (a or x), fast-swift attacks/jabs, fluid/medium attack, power/cleaving strikes... which would make up the combo parts of the sword play. LT or L2 would be your block; RT or R2 would be parry. You can hold block and it would just defend, or timed presses could deflect blaster fire or parry attacks (Jedi would be more adept at this). You would then assign force powers or gadgets to the the other buttons. You could have your primary force powers slotted to R1 and L1 (or LB and RB) and both of the joysticks could activate powers by pressing down on them; giving you four powers to access quickly and effectively. Then you could slot another four to the buttons on the d-pad... give your Jedi eight powers to throw aroudn during battle (or you could have it to where you could use the d-pad to shuffle through the powers that can be activated by L1 and R1... it would take a little ingenuity to fully work the system out); but surely you can imagine the concept. Lightsaber dueling that takes skill and finese! Combos that are the key, while force power battling would be another aspect.

You could use light attacks that could sneak their way through defenses when performed rapidly, forcing the defensive counter to either be a parry or to backway (like in a real battle) giving ground, where as power strikes could knock away defenses (leaving an opening) but if a power attack is parried... you're left open. On the flip side... force powers would be in types... you could counter a force push with another force push, which would create seismic wave (affecting everything around it). Thrown objects could be blasted with force lightning or cut to ribbons with swift attacks. Lightning can be deflected with a lightsaber or you throw a metal object in it's path to redirect the current, or even counter lightning with more lightning... which would be a storm at the center of convergence and eventually cause an erruption of lightning. The possibilities for combat are endless.

Main Game:

I think multiplayer was fairly easily envisioned, but the maingame would need a story as epic as GTA IV and Mass Effect, and as stated before the Sith have been overplayed. So how to get lightsaber, blaster, and bounty hunter combat all in the main game. I believe I have the solution!

The year is 497 bby. The Jedi are the vast peace keeping force in the galaxy (no Jedi generals in this period)... and they are accustomed to going to far planets as negotiators. However, a negotiation goes wrong and a Jedi team winds up murdered; not by accident either... but rather by being ruthlessly and efficiently hunted by an unknown group. This group was outfited, trained, and more than prepared to face Jedi. Suddenly Jedi begin showing up dead everywhere... all killed by this group...

This is where character creation comes into play. If you make a certain character, it will affect how your story plays out, but you will still experience a full game with all of the varied combat.

Jedi: you are the only survivor from an attack by this group. You've seen their ruthless efficiency and fear that they could truly hurt the order if left alone. The council does not agree. By taking this quest into your own hands... you are branded rogue. The Jedi will bring you back to "make you see reason", but you already have seen it. The path of light or dark is your own to make; right or wrong is your will... what will you do? Will you find out that this group is correct... that Jedi cannot see past their own arrogance? You can either stop this threat or become its greatest ally... but can you truly ally yourself with a group dedicated to the destruction of all force users. Can they truly trust you not to become the next Sith? On the flipside... you try to wipe them out... or come to a peaceful solution... the world is your oyster depending on your choices, the story can go many ways.

Soldier: You were friends with a Jedi... she was beautiful (or he... depends on gender of your character and sexuality... seriously, this is Star Wars... I don't think that it really matters, especially if Dragon Age can get a way with it). When you find out that her death was not an accident as the jedi council said, but rather murder at the hands of some unknown group... you urge the Galactic Military to take action; however, the Jedi are their own group... and the Senate will not interfer. Therefore it is up to you to not only find out who killed your friend... but to put a stop to it; or do you learn that the Jedi let your friend die? That they already knew about this group. Do you become one of the hunters for revenge? Do you kill everyone responsible? Do you realize what she would have wanted? Do you split and create your own army to try and instigate reform?

Bounty Hunter: You are a member of this secret group. You leader is a mad woman... not in the insane sense, but in that cold, methodical... you see death in her eyes and it frightens you sort of way. You believe in your cause without a doubt. The Jedi must die. Each hunter in your group is a leathal weapon, and each one of them has a specific reason for wanting the Jedi dead... and you know most of them... but know one knows why your leader wants to start a shadow war... what you do know is that she fears nothing, not lightsaber nor death... but that pretty soon, every force user in the galaxy is going to be afraid of her visage. Are you too afraid to leave? Do you admire her? Does her madness cause you to turn traitor and aid the Jedi?

I personally think that it would give you three majorly different stories to play through... three major experiences... tied in with the fact that you can make your chacter of defferent species and origins... replay value would be high because of a plethora of story altering choices. You could twist and tweak this idea into a monumental story success of the likes of KOTOR, but with the constant action and thrill from GTA IV.

I could go on and on thinking about this, but I'd rather discuss it further after I hear some comments. Perhaps I'm barking mad?

So I guess what I'm saying is this: Grand Theft Mass Assassin's Star Wars anyone?