"...with the blue people... they're great... they're just... chilled out!"
                                        - line from For the Benefit of Being Mr. Kite

So this past weekend... amid the vast amounts of partying, clubbing, and consumption of delicious liquors... I managed to make it to my nearest IMAX theater (which is 79 miles away mind you) and see James Cameron's newest movie. Which I must say was bloody brilliant!

I've always liked Cameron's work... from the Aliens to The Titanic... he's just a masterful film maker... so I've been synched up with this movie's progress for about a year.

I was not disappointed... I was mind blown.

First off you have to understand the impressiveness and scope of this movie: THEY DEVELOPED A NEW CAMERA JUST TO FILM IT! The 3D is so impressive that it makes the leaves pop out... THE LEAVES!! Everything you see is like a piece of art.

What you also need to know: if you liked Aliens, Star Wars, the newest Star Trek movie, Titanic.... you must go and see this movie. You'll be completely in your happy place.

If you didn't like anything I mentioned... well your movie tastes are in question at this moment.

I don't want to go into details about the movie... but I will give you a brief plot:

The planet Pandora (foreshadowing!! chaos is looming) is home to the tribe of Navii (they are the large, half naked, blue people) and also a mineral resource that the humans want. With all their technology... the humans cannot root the Navii out of their homes... so their scientist (Sigorney Weaver) comes up with the idea of putting soldiers' minds into genetically created Navii bodies. Hence where the wheelchair guy comes in. He gets a Navi body... learns more about them... movie ensues... it's incredible if not a "new" plot...

No. It is not something you've never seen, rather this movie is everything that you have EVER liked about James Cameron... in ONE movie.

Not to mention is far more beautiful than Wall-E, or any Pixar movie for that matter, has ever hoped to be.

So listen to me and go give this movie some money so that James Cameron will make another movie and not wait ten years to do so.