It is not a difficult thing for people to see that I am a fan of Star Wars. I proudly say it where others might cringe... and I would do anything to get more of it; HOWEVER... there comes a place and time where I draw the line and that is when people begin to F**K with the Star Wars that I love. I'm a generous person; I believe in second chances...

I do not believe in suspending all belief and allowing people to butcher a timeless treasure just so they can sell more video games.

My case and point is this: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed... 2?

Ok, first off, the first one was crap. Gameplay was simply mash the lightsaber button and force powers until everything is deal. There was no multiplayer, there was no exciting fighting controls... it was a mash-tastrophe with a pretty cover... and even then it wasn't that impressive. Yes, the DDM and Euphoria engines were impressive, but even they got annoying and boring after doing the same thing for awhile. That's where the story comes in... oh wait, the story sucked and completely trashed all over 30 years of Star Wars cannon.

Now I'm more that willing to give them a second shot at making a game, yes? I mean the Star Wars universe is huge, yes? They can make a new character, yes?


No, they must continue to F**K with the order of things, because they didn't do enough of it before. Now they must not only use the same character... but they must continue after the last one left off. If you have not see the trailer for the "announcement" allow me to explain their concept for a sequel: more lightning, plus another lightsaber, plus something BIGGER than a rancor = sequel. That is pretty much what they showed... OH! And that someone who was killed by the Emperor personally... can somehow come back to life.

It doesn't matter that no one in Star Wars has come back to life (unless you count some cloning that was done during the Thrawn triology... but those were clones, not the actual person... and please for heaven's sake I hope they don't start stealing ideas to bring their boring "starkiller" back to life)... no one has come back to life in the star wars universe! Not only that, but the Rebels didn't have his body... the Empire did. What? are they going to keep it around for prosperity's sake? No! Palpatine would have burned it! Destroyed it! and made very well certain that he was completely obliterated (did you not see what he did to the Jedi?). So... somehow not only did he manage to keep his body intact, but he CAME BACK TO LIFE!!

Apparently what the Force Unleashed games what to be is the "ULTIMATE FANFICTION" basically saying... "Look! My character is more powerful, faster, more handsome, more intelligent, more better at leading people, and can come back to life and basically shows you that you can't write for Star Wars, but I can george lucas!!" *then followed by weird nerd-fan laughter* It angers me to see this new "character" (I quote because there is not enough characterization to warrant the word... one dimension does not make a character) suddenly more powerful than Vader, Palpatine, Yoda... or heaven forbid knights and lords of old such as Exar Kun, Arca, Vandar, Revan... none of these people ever came back to life, nor did they need to. Their stories were not only complete, but rewarding. (take a clue maybe?)

I love science fiction... I love creativity... I hate when people feel the need to cram something down people's throats, or when they think they know better than the person who created the who thing. I can only pray the George Lucas pays attention and steps in to stop this monstrocity before they are allowed to further destroy Star Wars for their own game. (P.S. Starkiller is not a cool name.)

On a completely different note: Batman Arkham Asylum is getting a sequel and it looks like it will be amazing. If you haven't read No Man's Land: do so. It will get you all kinds of excited for what could be coming.

Oh... and if this Star Wars news bums you out (like it does me), we always have The Old Republic coming out soon! I'm very excited!!