There have been many great Metal Gear moments spanning from MG to MGS4. Let's remember these incredible and fun moments (possible spoilers ahead).

10-Showdown with Ocelot: MGS1-MGS3

In MGS1 you'll find Armstech president Kenneth Baker strapped to C4 and if you touch it it'll explode. To top it off, Revolve Ocelot is there to fight you. Chasing around Ocelot in a semi-western like showdown ended up with you getting the upper-hand, but the Cyborg Ninja decides to crash the party and slice off Ocelot's arm and then destroys all the C4. After a battle with Snake he goes away to fight another fight... roughly half-an hour later.

In MGS3 a Young Ocelot dives into the jet Eva and Big Boss are escaping in. The two get into a fist fight, ending with a basic draw. Then the two decide to play it by chance, and Snake picks up either a loaded or empty revolver. Either way it'll turn out the bullet barley tickles and Ocelot laughs it off as sport. Then dives into the water and escapes in a different way then Snake and Eva.

9-Return To Shadow Moses: MGS4

There are a lot of important landmarks in Metal Gear, but none so important then Shadow Moses, where we were introduced to a story of genes, violence, betrayal, love, and loss. So how great was it for us to return to this very landmark in the last game of the series, MGS4. Snake's return was based on the need to stop Liquid from obtaining the Rail Gun attached to Metal Gear Rex. The level started with the opening scene to MGS1, with the same PS1 graphics, and Snake getting into the building.

Then we were treated to many great flashbacks, fights, and an intense escape ending with Snake controlling Rex and going toe to toe with Liquid in Ray. If there are some letdowns to say about this, they are mostly fan's wanting more. Wouldn't have been awesome for Snake to relive his torture at the hands of Ocelot? Or the area where he fought Psycho Mantis? We didn't get these moments, but we still got an amazing treat by returning to this all important landmark in the Metal Gear Series.

8-Crazy Colonel: MGS2

When overlooking Raiden's naked cartwheels, we were treated to an intense and strange encounter with the Colonel. After the virus is uploaded, the Colonel starts mouthing quotes from MGS1, turning off the game system, changing your radar, and his face slowly turning into a skeleton. If that wasn't strange enough, during an intense fight with Snake, the death screen will say Fission Mailed.

This was a great scene, and it may have been crazy and at times scary, you can't deny this is one of the top moments in Metal Gear history.

7-Fighting The Boss: MGS3

There was always a question as to why Big Boss's name was well Big Boss. This question was answered in the amazing fight between master and apprentice. You had little time to win, and even smaller if you weren't on your toes. She has your moves, your skills, and a better gun. How could you win? And after an incredible fight in a field of flowers, you must kill a sorrowed Boss. The screen pans out and with one press of a button, Snake will finish the fight and become Big Boss.

This was probably the most emotional moment in MGS3, and a personal favorite of mine, but I felt there were some even more spectacular moments in the Metal Gear Saga.

6-Fighting Grey Fox: MG2

Solid Snake is tired, beaten, and still ready for a fight. The two legendary soldiers, Snake and Grey Fox, duke it out in two different ways. After Snake destroys a Metal Gear controlled by Grey Fox with grenades, the two fight on top of a mine field to the death. Grey Fox ultimately starts to tire and falls at the hands of Snake. After an intense battle, the two friends now speak in peace, and Grey Fox passes away. Snake then takes his key card and moves on to fight Big Boss.

This was one of the best original Metal Gear moments, as it had emotion, action, and a climatic battle. This was everything you'd want out of a boss fight.

5-Sniper Wolf: MGS1

This was a great battle. After Sniper Wolf heavly wounds Meryl and captures Snake, Snake once again fights her in a sniper showdown in a snowy plain. After sniping each other for a while, Snake beats her at her own game and precedes to watch her in her final moments. Otacon cries as she slowly dies with her sniper and wolves around her. Eventually she seems pleased to be beaten by Snake and peacefully dies leavin Otacon heart broken, and Snake moving onto yet another fight.

This fight was one of the best moments in Metal Gear, and it's climax surely deserves a spot on this list.


4-Fighting Metal Gear Rex and then Liquid: MGS1

Snake is this close to killing Liquid and destroying Rex, but just before he can do this, Liquid pilots Rex and prepares to destroy Snake. With several weapons (rocket launcher, grenades, etc) Snake gives Rex a fight, but cannot beat it, but then Grey Fox comes. By himself the legendary soldier destroys Rex and sets Snake up to finish Liquid. Telling Snake about Naomi, asking for forgiveness, and ultimately being crushed by Rex, this was one of the ultimate moment in MGS1. Snake could not bring himself to kill Grey Fox again, but comes right back and finishes Rex off later and then precedes to fight Liquid.

A chatty Liquid vents over being the lesser of the two, genes, and how he wishes he could have killed Big Boss. The two then fight a top Rex, with Snake eventually kicking Liquid to his death and then (depending on the players action during the torture sequence) either rescues Meryl or leaves with Otacon. This was one of the best Metal Gear boss fights and moments.

3-Psycho Mantis messes with your mind: MGS1

After walking into the commander's office Meryl will start to go nuts, asking Snake some strange and romantic questions and ultimately trying to kill him. Snake knocks her out and fights Pyscho Mantis, who reads your memory card, moves your controller, and will already know your attacks. The only way to defeat Mantis was to switch controller slots. The first time fighting him is tricky, awesome, and intense. The difficulty semi-dissapears once you know how to get around his mind tricks, but it's still awesome none the less.

This is the best boss battle in MGS history and one of the best moments as well.

2-Big Boss claims to be Snake's father: MG2

Big Boss (Metal Gear).jpg

After battling Grey Fox, Snake meets Big Boss yet again, but things become Darth Vadery from here. Big Boss rants on how Snake desires nothing but war. Then he says he built Outer Haven and Zanzibar for people like him, and then he calmly claims he is Snake's father. Without any weapons and with Big Boss packing some serious weaponry, Snake must get a lighter and some fluid and make a makeshift flame thrower to kill Big Boss. After defeating Big Boss, Snake claims to be nothing like him, etc and Big Boss dies. Snake then escapes and quits Foxhound and goes to Alaska.

This is one of the most interesting moments in the Metal Gear Saga, but it doesn't even come close to beating this next moment.

1-Big Boss reveals all: MGS4

This is the best Metal Gear moment. After I beat MGS4 I was like "wow, Snake died" but then the credits Big Boss and the screen returns to the grave of the Boss with Snake alive and pointing his gun at none other then Big Boss. Big Boss reveals everything, why he built Outer Haven, who the Patriots were, and more. After telling Snake everything he smokes a cigar and lays next to the Boss. Big Boss and Snake make amends, and Big Boss asks Snake to live the rest of his life in peace. Then he dies.

This is without a doubt the best moment in the Metal Gear Saga. I hope you enjoyed this list and feel free to give some of your top ten Metal Gear moments!