[Drama in Skyrim]

I am among many who may only have the PS3 to play Skyrim (Elder Scrolls V), since my laptop failed to even try to run the PC-version (Dell Inspiron 1410).

Anyway , to cut to the chase, I wanted to say that I was able to easily get the quest from Mjoll the Lioness to be able to marry her (after finding out the PS3 is bugged and you can't get Lydia to opt to marry ... and I can't wait forever for Bethesda to submit a fix to this ... won't get into the saved game progressive file snare!)

I left Lydia in Solitude after taking the crafted armor I had made her. I fast-travelled to Riften and proposed to Mjoll the Lioness, after completing her quest. It was evening in Riften when I asked Mjoll the Lioness to marry and went to the priest of Mara for the marriage preparations. I informed Mjoll the Lionesss and simply sat in the temple until after midnight. I did have to exit and reenter a couple times and then the ceremony started:

Poor Lydia is in the back and does not seem happy ... but it is nice that, having been a companion [sad, she helped me complete the Quest to marry Mjoll the Lioness!] , she attended anyway (I am told some people have a gambit of troubles here: fights at the ceremony, Lydia's corpse appearing and disrupting, etc.)

All went well! Mjoll the Lioness and my character were married, Lydia left Riften, and I decided to stay in Mjoll's residence (which is actually another NPC's home). I did NOT have (yet!) the problem with the guy that "hangs around Mjoll the Lioness. They both went to sleep in their respective bedrooms and I awoke Mjoll the Lioness and said let's move to my place in Whiterun (Breezehome). She agreed and we went out of the house for fast-travel.


Lydia STAYS in the Breezehome (the home I purchased in Whiterun and where Lydia ended up staying after becoming my "housecarl"/I her "thane"). I took the above picture just before I told Mjoll the Lioness to split companionship (does NOT break marriage - just not to follow you in your quests, etc.)

SADNESS ... I feel like a murderer but Lydia, no matter what the enemy, elements, etc, she crouches and won't die ... unless intentionally or accidentally you hit her with anything offensive (spell, blade, arrow).

Lydia now (in my current Skyrim game state) lies nearly naked in the Stillborn Cave, taken down because I said , "Attack that giant frost spider" AND SHOT HER WITH AN ARROW WHEN SHE WAS "SUBMITTING!"

I placed her armor in the companion's room in Breezehome in memory ... but this is so messed up! I blame Bethesda ... but I have saved to thumbdrive were I can go back in time, load the data where I had not yet proposed to Mjoll the Lioness -- much less had Lydia die.


[/Drama in Skyrim]