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My History With Fighting Games


I grew up in West Texas, you know, the part of Texas that isn't really in the western area.

Well anyways I grew up in a area where EVERY arcade/arcade room within 100 miles had at least one Tekken machine sometimes more. Despite my Mom's overprotective nature, I could run free in an arcade. I didn't play Tekken that much because it didn't give tickets, but I played it enough to be able to get to Level 4 at the age of 7

Even today Tekken is one of my favorites and I still try to get better at it, but Tekken didn't really spark my love for fighting games. When I was 11 or 12, I was looking for good T-rated Wii games because I had recently gained the allowance to play them at home. I bought Tatsunoko vs. Capcom on the Wii because I saw gameplay and thought it looked cool

At first I was perplexed by the Combo perplexity, I later grew better and better at it. I abandoned the Wii remote for a Gamecube controller to raise my combo skills. I later bought Soulcalibur 2 on the Gamecube for the same reason everyone buys it. For Link of coarse. that's when my love for fighting games really sparked, now I've played several fighting games, including some pretty obscure ones.

I recently bought a Dreamcast for the soul reason of playing fighting games, like Garou, my new favorite. I still enjoy several fighting games including rivals like Street Fighter and King of Fighters. I even will resort to importing some fighting games.I still practice and may even enter a real deal championship someday if it's small.

Tell me what fighting games you like to play in your spare time