Tiny Tina’s Assault On Dragon Keep

Laughing My Way Through This Fantasy Adventure.


                Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep is the fourth DLC pack for Borderlands 2, but is the first being made by Gearbox. And that shows in this DLC, it is a much large, more interesting, and all around a much better time than other three DLC’s put out so far.




                Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep takes the form of a game of Bunkers and Bad asses, Borderlands version of Dungeon and Dragons. Tina is acting as the dungeon master in this game, which means she is the one who created and is in charge of running the world, story, and different scenarios the player get into. The players in this game are Brick, Lilith, and Mordecai. And the quest of this game is to rescue the queen who has been taken by the Handsome Sorcerer. This quest will take you to a variety of different locations such as a dock, forest, mine, a crypt and the tower. And in many of these locations Tina being new to her role puts you into situations which you can’t get out of, but the players quickly get her to change the encounter to one that can be completed. The story is not the most complex one there, but it allows for great dialog between the characters which is very funny and entertaining so the standard story does not matter much.

                During your time you will end up running into a large amount of the characters you have met in the main game. And they will send you on many quests, and most of them are references to other fantasy games, books, and what not. Some of my favorite’s ones that I came across were a World of Warcraft quest, a Dark Souls quest. And my personal favorite a Game of Thrones quest, in that quest you had to go to the evil Prince Jeffery and I quote “smack the *** out of him.” The quest are funny without getting all the references, if you get them it’s just that much better. And the reword for one of the quest in this give you one of the best weapons I have seen. It is a gun that shoots a sword which explodes, and then can breaks into 3 smaller swords…which explode. What more could you want then that?




                This content does not have many down sides but there are a few. I came across a few texture glitches which cause a few chests to glow purple. The worst glitch I came across was during a quest where I had to shoot some dwarfs to get them drunk, but the gun did not work as intended. But as soon as I restarted the game that glitch was gone. Other than that the only other problem I found with the DLC was the final boss fight. Which went on way to long, and was a three stage strife and shoot fight. Besides those few problems the content was very well done.

                Gearbox provides a long and enjoyable adventure in this funny fantasy based DLC. The story is a standard fare but with the characters of Borderlands providing dialog it is a very enjoyable experience. The quests provide many great quests that are bursting with references that put a smile on my face. But there are a few down sides, they are few and minor but they none the less are there. Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep is a very well done piece of DLC which should be played and any fan of Borderlands.


I give this a 8.75


Note: I played though this on true vault hunter mode by myself with an lv 52 Siren.