Spider Man: Web of Shadows

Barley Does What a Spider Can.


                Spider Man: Web of Shadows is a simple action game with a not very interesting plot. The plot of the game deals with Venom’s plan to take over the city by infecting the citizens with the alien symbiote that makes up his suit. But this plot line does not take center stage until the end of act 2. Until then the story is very boring and very forgettable, but even in the third act the story does not move past anything other than mediocre.

  The game has you playing errand boy for some other heroes and villains, such as Luke Cage, Moon Knight, and Black Cat among others. The missions are almost all just going to X and beat up Y. All with almost no importance placed in them it makes it hard to feel like you are not just moving through the motions and not feeling like the hero Spider Man is. And that feeling is amplified with the combat. The combat is just a very simple button masher that requires no skill to master. Combat can take place on the ground, in the air, or on the side of a wall. But in each of the different kinds of combat types all you are doing is still mashing the X button until the enemy is defected. But you can switch up combat a little bit with the ability to switch between the classic red suit and the symbiotic black suit at any time. The red is a faster but weaker style the back suit is strong yet slower. While it does not make much of a difference in most fights because people go down quickly with ether suit it still allows for a bit of a change up. The two different costumes also take center show when it comes to story choices. At key moments (most of the time after boss fights) you can choose to make a hero or antihero choice represented by the red and black suits. These choices effect the minor story changes and what allies you can call into battle alongside you.

             As repetitive and boring story missions are its worse when trying to do side missions. Side missions during all three acts are pretty much the same. They take to form of beat X amount of enemies, save Y citizens, and so on. And those can be completed in story missions or by stopping crimes which are all over the place in New York and they get boring quickly. Outside of that there the only other thing to do is look for collectables. The collectables are glowing red spiders, and there are 2160 of those out in the city. But they are not just for collecting for collecting’s sake they are used to level up Spider Man’s health and swing speed. While I like that collectables are used for something I don’t that it being tied to leveling up. Because after lv 5 or 6 you will need to start collecting over 100 spiders to reach the next level, and that just make leveling up almost nonexistent and turns it into a chore that is in no way worth the amount of time and effort it takes.

            Then on top of those problems the game is pretty buggy. I did not come across many glitches during the first 2 acts just some slow down. When the third act came along the bugs came out if force. I faced a lot more slowdown in the third act. I was in mid fight with some enemies when they would just disappear and the fight would be over and that happened to me at least 6 times. Then I was also watching a cut scene that had the Kingpin talking to me, and in the back ground I saw a second Kingpin model standing there. While I did not come across any bugs that broke the game, they did certainly hurt my experience with the game.

            Spider Man: Web of Shadows is not the worst but easily not the best Spider Man game out there. Its combat simple but it works. Story while nothing special does allow for an interesting change when you hit the third act. There is very little to do outside of the main story which leads to a boring and forgettable able version of New York. The game features some annoying glitches none of them break the game but did make the experience worse. While I would not go out of my way to recommend this game to people, they could do worse.

I give this game a 6.5.