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E3 Effect

Ah E3, such a great thing, well, it can be. This years E3 date is set as June 15-17.

For those who are asking what is E3, it is the Electronis Entertainment Expo, a video gaming convention. It is a thing for the expert, or a thing for thing the novice. I understand that it's still early to get excited. But it's hard not to with the thought of great games on the horizon. The Expo (from what I know) takes place in a large arena where the best and baddest of the gaming industry have set up booths, that showcase there games, a huge stage where the big three, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft, have presentations and showcase the best of their upcoming games. My huge hopes for the future are a new GTA, or Zelda. With the announcement for the Conduit 2. Hopefully this E3 is the best yet.