The Conduit was a game I'd always wondered about, if it would be the answer to the FPS problem on the Wii, or if it would just be another FPS problem. I'm here to say that it is honestly the best game I have ever played on the Wii. I have never played a Wii game this fun. Let me start it at the begining. The Conduit tells the story of Micheal Ford, a secret service agent turned one-man army. This game has many good quality, a great story, layered with many secrets some of which are not answered, some good voice acting, I thought the voice of Promethus was very good. It also has extremely good graphic, it  isn't alway perfect but this game is beautiful for a Wii game. The controls responed as they should(if you don't like them you can change them, which I praise). But sadly The Conduit falls short in some places, the enemys could use some different models, and the game ends with you fighting off waves of enemys not some epic boss battle like I thought it would, actually there are no boss battles. But still this game wins in places where others lose. 9/10