Did 11 Bounty Errands today (and increased my Guild Rank to Level 11).  I'm starting to run out of bounties that are a low enough level for me to do, so after I finish, I think I'll either do some Guild Quests, although they don't tend to give a lot of EXP, or I'll take a break from leveling up and do some Resident Errands, although it seems a bit of a waste of time to do them again since I've done most of them on my other save file already.  I wonder if you can get the trophy for completing all of the Resident Quests by doing some on one save file and the rest on another because I'm pretty sure I have some items on my old save file that would let me complete some quests I have been able to do on my second save file for lack of the required item.  Too bad you can't trade items between save files, that would sure make things easier.