Today, I started out by completing the Plasma Frigate section, with a Boss Fight against Team Plasma Colress.  Then it was back to the Giant Chasm for a double Boss Fight, first against White Kyurem (which, unfortunately, I was not allowed to capture at this point in the game!) and then against Team Plasma Ghetsis (he was TOUGH, it took me about 3 times before I beat him).  While in the Giant Chasm, I also caught a Golduck Lv. 40, a Delibird Lv. 44, and a Clefairy Lv. 46.  After that, I traveled through Route 23, where I caught a Buizel Lv. 42, a Floatzel LV. 53, a Throh Lv. 48, a Bouffalant Lv. 49, and an Audino Lv. 49.  

Now, I am in the process of going through Victory Road.  At the start, N appeared and gave me HM05 Waterfall, and so far I have caught a Golurk Lv. 50, a Roselia Lv. 53, an Onix Lv. 43, an Altaria Lv. 50, an Excadrill Lv. 42, and a Gurdurr Lv. 47.  I think I'm getting somewhat close to the exit, but it's easy to get turned around, and I definitely spent some time running around in circles, but hopefully tomorrow I'll find my way out and be able to take on the Elite Four!

My team:

Leavanny Lv. 52 (learned Leaf Storm) (Miracle Seed)

Unfezant Lv. 52

Samurott Lv. 53 (learned Ice Beam from TM13) (Mystic Water)

Ampharos Lv. 52 (learned Signal Beam)

Sandslash Lv. 51 (Soft Sand) (learned Shadowball from TM30)

Darmanitan Lv. 52