So, today, I FINALLY set foot on Redhorn Isle!  I also got my avatar's Knight!  But more about that later. First, here are the quests I did today:

Guild Quests:

Dragon's Heat

Research Assistant

The Azure Dragon

Bounty Errands:

A Wyvern Concern

Siren's Song

A Rocky Relationship

The Crystal Cach

Here Comes the Judge

And I'm now at Guild Rank Lv. 13.

So, I have now done all of the Bounty Errands that are currently available to me at this point in the game.  On the other hand, there are still a lot of Guild Quests left for me to do (especially since even the ones I've already completed also have a level 2 and level 3 version that I still need to do), but I'm going to wait to do those because, as I said before, these timed quests can be frustrating and time-consuming, plus a lot of the harder ones are only possible doing multi-player, and I prefer to do them solo.  Anyway, the important thing is that by completing the Bounty Knight Moves, my avatar now has her very own Knight!  And I managed to update it to level 5--it can actually go higher than that (unlike the other characters' Knights), but I don't have enough of the right materials for that yet.  The one downside is that her Knight isn't very cool looking like the other Knights are.  It's green for one thing, and not a good green--it's too bright, for one thing.  Anyway, aesthetics aside, having my avatar with her own Knight has made a lot of the quests way easier than they would have been otherwise, and should definitely help on Redhorn Isle.  I haven't actually done anything there yet--I just traveled there from the World Map, and then saved at the first save point, but I'm hoping to get to (and hopefully beat) Brimmflame tomorrow.