This is my first video game blog, and I'm not entirely sure what I'm supposed to write about, but I got a new PS3 Game, White Knight Chronicles II on Saturday and I thought it would be fun to record my experience playing it.  Normally, I'll try to do a post each day, but today I'll cover my first four days playing it.

First of all, I have to say that if you're going to get this game, don't bother buying White Knight Chronicles I first--the sequel has both games for only $5 more!  

I started rather late Saturday night, so I didn't get a lot done that day, but I was immediately impressed by the graphics.  This is the first game I've played since we got an HDTV and it sure makes a difference!  The colors are so vibrant and sharp and the sound is really good too.  Plus, our new TV is 32" instead of 20" so I don't have to lean forward and/or squint to read the menus like I used to, which is a really nice change.

Anyway, Saturday, I spent my time customizing my character, which was so much fun!  I've played a number of RPGs before, but none of them allowed so much customization for the character you play as.  WKC allows you to select hair color and style, height, body shape, color, size, and shape of eyes, ears, and nose, face shape, and skin color.  I must have spent a good 30 minutes just creating my character.

Sunday was when I actually started playing the game.  In some reviews I had read online, WKC is criticized as being a cheap copy of Final Fantasy, but I actually prefer WKC.  I've played FFXIII and FFXIII-2, and I didn't really care for either of them that much.  They were okay, but really too sci-fi-y/ futuristic for my taste.  WKC, on the other hand, takes place in a medieval setting and has many fantasy elements to it--being a huge fan of fantasy novels (particularly Lord of the Rings), this was a major draw for me, and so far I have not been disappointed.

The game is set is the fictional Kingdom of Balandor, and you start out in a typical medieval town.  You're given the option of controlling either your custom-made character or the main character, Leonard.  This is the only main problem I have with this game so far--while it's cool to make your own character, why bother when the main character is Leonard, and your character really doesn't do anything except tag along?  Anyway, I choose to play with my own character since I went to the trouble of making her and besides, that way I get to play as a girl.

The controls are easy to get use to.  The areas you go through, especially towns and forests, are rather large and spread out and somewhat easy to get turned around in, but fortunately, you can open up the map and there's a star marking where you need to go--it took me a while to figure this out and it's been a real lifesaver ever since.

By Monday, I was past all of the introductory parts and acquired a new character, Yulie.  I went through the Balandor Undergrounds where you encounter Princess Cisna, who is kidnapped, and who you presumably spend the rest of the game trying to rescue.  This reminds me a lot of the Zelda games where one of your main objectives as Link is to rescue Princess Zelda.  Around this time, the enemies started getting harder, and I found myself desperately looking for save points.  Fortunately, they occur fairly frequently, and they are marked on the map, which is very handy.  Also at this point, the first really exciting thing in the game happened--Leonard gets the power to transform into the White Knight!  The WK is HUGE and is REALLY powerful.  Of course, the bosses you use him to fight against are equally big and strong, but so far I haven't had to fight a boss more than twice to beat it, and typically I can beat them on the first try.  That will probably change though, later on.  

I also acquired another new character, Eldore.  I like him a lot.  He's quite powerful and he looks very much like a Ranger--sort of like an older Aragorn, which is very cool.  Since you can only use 3 characters in combat at one time, I typically use Leonard, Eldore, and my own character.  I'll probably have to switch Yulie in sometimes so she doesn't get too far behind level-wise, but she seems a fairly weak character, so I haven't really bothered yet.  I ended my gameplay on Monday with getting through the Nordia Tunnels, which consist of very twisted pathways and you have a boss fight at the end, which wasn't too bad with the White Knight.

Today, I spent WAY too much time getting lost in the Lagnish desert and having to fight a bunch of Trolls (which are as big as the bosses are, but fortunately not as difficult, although still take a long time to die)--it was at this point that I finally realized that I could open up the map to see where to go, so that definitely sped things up a lot.  Then, once I got to the Desert Town of Albana, I had to deliver love letters between these two giant toads--it was actually quite amusing, but boy were those toads hideous, especially their tongues.  Also, a new character, Kara, joined my party, although at first she wasn't a character I could control, so I haven't had much chance to try her out yet.

Also, my White Knight now has a shield--cool!  Of course,  had to go through three boss fights IN A ROW to gain it, but it was worth it.  Now I'm through the Sand Maze, and tomorrow I will be tackling Flander Trail.

A couple notes: 1) the battle system is pretty easy to get used to.  My main complaint is that the MP (which you need in order to use certain moves) runs out pretty quickly, so I end up using mostly basic moves that don't need any MP, but so far that's worked out okay.  Earning experience points gives you points you can use to acquire new moves and you can create combos, which is neat.  Also, you can buy/upgrade weapons and armor for your characters to make them stronger and customize them to your liking.  2) From now on, I'll try to be more specific/detailed in my posts, this one just had to cover way too much so I had to be pretty broad.