So, we've come to the end of my thirty days of Mass Effect series. This has been an incredible ride, but nothing would've been as awesome without devoted readers and the participation of some of the most talented Mass Effect fans I've met here at GIO. I'd like to also extend a personal thanks to those who weren't able to participate for taking the time to consider the option anyway; we all have responsibilities in real life after all. Hopefully, if my previous Mass Effect series didn't convince you that I loved this universe, this one will. Plus, I've also managed to complete yet another challenge in the upcoming GIO gamification project that one of my fellow Spectres is spearheading. So, I guess that's two vorcha with one bullet!

This project took more than a month to prepare for, and I spent a decent amount of time collecting the necessary data for it. I had to pull a few arms - looking at you, (________) like I normally do when I'm searching for guinea pigs, but I eventually found quite a few whom I was surprised were receptive to my blatant manipulative powers. But hey, that's indoctrination for ya. Of course, the response time in some cases was naturally fairly long, considering my test subjects had a pretty normal life outside of GIO; with the proper implants, however, I plan to amend this minor setback.

In addition, I spent an equally lengthy period brainstorming for topics for my blogs. Some of them happened to be subjects I wanted to address in my Countdown to Mass Eff3ct series, but felt that they deserved a bit more depth and attention than I could've afforded them then. Not to mention, enough time to properly type them and post in time to work on my next blog in that series, which was a fairly tight schedule. Those topics provided an opportunity in this case: writing a series that focuses almost entirely on one gaming franchise let alone one particular iteration of it - with a few exceptions in this case - is difficult to construct without sounding too repetitive or losing steam due to underdeveloped blog ideas. In essence, those forgone opportunities were harvested and repurposed here, and I must say that they each took me into some interesting directions, such as my blog on TIM and Saren.

Even in spite of my incredible indoctrination powers, I was still doubtful at first. Some I was intensely interested in having participate were by far too busy due to real life plans and motivations - shocking, right? - and I did get a couple who never responded or acknowledged my request, although I'd assume they'd probably just overlooked it or were busy themselves. However, the first respondent was completely susceptible to my powers of suggestion, and submitted a mountain of valuable information within a few hours of being asked! I was highly impressed, as I did get others who also responded in a timely fashion eventually, although a few were still fighting my powers for quite some time.

Once I'd finally accumulated all the necessary information I had more than enough to constitute the bulk of what would soon become a blog series within a blog series (blogception?): Building Consensus. I figured that the most appropriate way for me to discuss the more controversial aspects of the game would be through the inclusion of voices other than my own. Their data thus became the foundation of these conversations. I think it stands out as my greatest triumph both in this series and in my other blogs in general.

Others required a lot of time and consideration, such as the speculative blog on a conventional win against the Reapers. It's far from as in-depth as I would have liked, since I feel - after poring through threads hundreds of pages long and debating with others about the subject - I've only scraped the barest of surfaces when it comes to metagaming as far as the lore is concerned. Then, there are a few that I knew would be winners as soon as I saw them. I won't name those, but I will say that I'm proud to see them indoctrinate so many successfully. This series also gave me my very first Herded blog as well, which definitely surprised me. Yep, that's right; my very first herded blog. I've gotten several reviews herded though, so that could be a fair compensation, not that I care much either way. Nonetheless, one could say this accomplishment also complements the praise I've already been getting for this series.

There are still some blogs I'm not particularly happy about, although all have received them well, and they're not the ones you're thinking about. I tossed out quite a few blog ideas that could've been great because I didn't feel they could stand alone as a single blog without a lot of filler (one focusing specifically on my interpretation of Liara's gift to Shepard, which I instead incorporated into a different blog), and there are others I desperately argued with myself over and somewhat regret not attempting (exploring how successful ME3's reputation system was in lieu of the dramatic conversation changes), but overall I feel that I chose the best and am glad I was brave enough to make the decisions that I did.