I think everyone remembers a blog I wrote a few years back. In it, I discussed general ideas about the Mass Effect universe, outlined a few problems gamers had - from unsolved questions, to plot holes and gameplay interests - and offered my own ideas on how those problems could be approached. Some of these ideas were grand, others a bit provincial, but I'd like to think that they're were all capable of being achieved. After some time playing Mass Effect 3 - and plenty of rest from the unending chaos from the ending fiasco - I thought I'd revisit those points to see how Mass Effect 3 handled the expectations gamers had for it. For those who don't remember what a Gamer's Gauntlet is, I'll remind you.

The Gamer's Gauntlet refers to a large population of people who've shared particular gaming experiences; for this blog the game being Mass Effect 3. Composed of data I've recorded from various sites and forums, among other social outlets, it represents a wealth of opinions both professional and amateur that in turn set the expectations and standards for a game, and often will indicate how that game is perceived, becoming the majority of the challenges that developers must confront in order for their game(s) to be considered successful. Naturally, gamers crave new experiences, yet they also shun drastic departures from the aspects of a game that they love. Navigating this fine line can become an extremely difficult task, yet in many cases they can be successfully received - Protoype 2 for example - and in others unsuccessful - Ninja Gaidan 3.

In this blog, I'll briefly cite a brief description of each point I touched upon to solve some of the expectations ME 3 fans had and then speculate on whether Bioware was successful in meeting them. Naturally, some areas will be a bit more subjective than others, and I'll try my best to be objective and unbiased when we inevitably touch on the more controversial issues of ME 3. Otherwise, enjoy; or not. It's all up to you. Be sure to avoid if you don't like spoilers.

So, let's begin!