The Mass Effect universe is filled with amazing characters. However, many of them don't get the recognition they deserve. Others are popular for reasons that usually don't involve their personality, however they have a depth to them that deserves to be explored. In this edition of 30 Days of Mass Effect, I thought I'd visit eight female characters that I think are especially important in the series. It took a lot of hard thinking to compose this list, but I managed to finish it and welcome others to sound in for themselves. They are listed in no particular order of value, for those curious. Due to the nature of this blog, spoilers probably will be present so avoid if you don't like them and remember to offer your own input in the comments section. Thanks!


Eve. The name alone carries significance, especially to humans. This Krogan female - the last known female survivor of Maelon's experiments on the Genophage - captured my heart the moment I heard her speak, her voice husky and patient. Of course, I can't praise Eve without praising Lani Minella, who imbues her character with an ageless and compelling personality.

One thing I find especially important about Eve is that she adds a critical new dimension to Krogan culture that we have only been able to see through Wrex, and to a lesser extent, Grunt. As the first female Krogan - born Urdnot Bakara - introduced to players, she also introduces a much needed feminine perspective. I find her history inspiring - a shaman who passed the harshest of trials through perseverance and willpower - and her strength is more than a gimmick.

Eve serves a very important purpose to the Krogan, both as a supreme matriarchal figure and as a unifying symbol of hope. Eve is the one who manages to convince the Krogan clans to forgo their previous squabbles with each other in favor of a new future that would hopefully come with the cure of the Genophage; even with the warmongering Wreav as leader of clan Urdnot, her survival and influence as a leader for the female Krogan of the clans continues to act as a powerful check in the balance of power. Eve is the lynchpin of the Krogan's future, and for this, she gets a spot in my list.